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Prinova US LLC
Nutrabroth Instant

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Nutrabroth Instant

A grass-fed beef bone broth protein powder, Nutrabroth Instant is an agglomerated version of Nutrabroth. Compromised of both collagen proteins and non-collagen proteins, the result is a collagen delivery system with unique sensory characteristics. With a good viscosity, smooth mouthfeel, and delicious taste this product works well in protein based supplements.
  • 98% Protein
  • 60-80% Collagen Protein
  • Grass-Fed
  • Hormone Free

Product Specification

Product Specification
Manufacturer Name Prinova US LLC
Std. Pack 25 kg
Measure kg
Package Type Bag
Standard Sample Size 500.00 gm
Equip Code 32921
Product Identifier 17552
Market Applications Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition
Health Benefits Joint Care, Hair, Skin & Nail, Digestive Support