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L-Valine Fermentation USP 24

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L-Valine Fermentation USP 24



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L-Valine Fermentation USP 24

Valine is an essential amino acid, and when combined with Leucine and Iso-Leucine it creates a branch-chain amino acid. BCAA increases energy, endurance, and aids in muscle tissue recovery and repair. Valine is also used to create flavors.
  • Soluble in water
  • White/off-white crystalline powder

Product Specification

Product Specification
Manufacturer Name Tongliao Meihua Biological Sci-tech
Std. Pack 25 kg
Measure kg
Package Type Drum
Standard Sample Size 100.00 gm
Equip Code 4711
Product Identifier 10669
CAS Number 72-18-4
Market Applications Animal Nutrition, Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, Food
Health Benefits Pre, Intra, Post Workout, Vegan