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L-Lysine HCl Granular

L-Lysine HCl Granular



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L-Lysine HCl Granular

Lysine is an essential amino acid, so it must be sourced from the diet; it assists with the biosynthesis of protein. Lysine plays a major role within the feed industry, as its consumption is the limiting factor for pigs and chickens to grow.
  • White/off-white crystalline powder

Product Specification

Product Specification
Manufacturer Name CJ Haide (Ningbo) Biotech
Std. Pack 25 kg
Measure kg
Package Type Drum
Standard Sample Size 100.00 gm
Equip Code 1200
Product Identifier 10843
CAS Number 657-27-2
Market Applications Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, Food, Beverage
Health Benefits Pre, Intra, Post Workout