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Green Tea (42-45% Polyphenols)

Green Tea (42-45% Polyphenols)



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Green Tea (42-45% Polyphenols)

Green Tea is a great source of antioxidants, which can decrease inflammation and help reduce blood pressure, as well as protect brain cells from oxidative stress and help memory. Its compounds can also assist in weight loss, blood, blood sugar regulation.
  • From green tea
  • 42-45% Polyphenol content

Product Specification

Product Specification
Manufacturer Name A. Holliday & Company Inc.
Std. Pack 25 kg
Measure kg
Package Type Carton
Standard Sample Size 100.00 gm
Equip Code 14817
Product Identifier 11681
CAS Number 84650-60-2
Market Applications Beverage
Health Benefits Joint Care, Immunity Support, Heart Health