Trend Spotlight: Low/No Alcohol Beverages

Consumers today are more concerned with their health than ever. According to a recent study by Mintel, 42% of consumers are reducing their alcohol consumption to improve their overall health. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that we have seen an increase of low/no alcohol beverages in the market. In addition, there also has been a rise in reduced calorie, and reduced sugar/sugar free options. 


This trend originally started in different “mocktail” type offerings where citrus, grapefruit, pineapple, and floral flavors were popular. Google Trends shows that in November 2019, the term “mocktail” spiked in popularity: 

Now we see the trend crossing over into the beer space where many brands such Heineken and SufferFest are specifically launching low alcohol offerings.


Being a relatively new category, brands are launching bold flavors to try and capture the consumer’s eye at the retail level. Some new flavor combos include Blue Raspberry & Lemon, Elderberry Hibiscus Juniper, and Strawberry Mojito.


Notable Product Launches:

  • Guinness Japanese Brew Series – Yuzu Amber Ale

  • Friends Fun Wine Strawberry Moscato 

  • Lowlander Yuzu and Grapefruit Beer

  • Mocktails Non-Alcoholic Sour Whiskey with Scottish Lemonade