Ingredients on Trend: Immune Health

Market demand for immunity products has grown significantly in recent months as the world faces a global health crisis. Looking at the supplements category as a whole, in the 52 weeks ending March 8th 2020, sales were up more than 6%*. Even greater, sales were up more than 35% for the one-week period ending March 8th*. 


Two of the ingredients pushing the immunity trend the most heavily have been Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Some experts have been linking this to Vitamin C’s ability to function as an antioxidant helping immune function**, and Vitamin D’s ability to support healthy immune, lung and cardiovascular systems***. The Google Search Trends chart below supports this claim as we can start to see an increase in searches begin late February, 2020. 

Products containing Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Elderberry, and Zinc are being stock-piled by consumers who wish to increase their immune supplement intake. Some experts suggest this effect will be short term, while others point out this heightened awareness on health may encourage the long-term growth of an already growing category. 


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