Prinova acquires a leading Brazilian citrus oil processor further expanding global manufacturing capabilities.

Prinova’s strategic acquisition of Brazil-based Flavor Tec offers current and future clients even greater access to high-quality Innovative ingredients.

November 14, 2023 



Pindorama, Brazil – In an exciting move, Prinova, a leader in the essential oil and aroma chemical space, has officially announced its acquisition of Flavor Tec, a distinguished name in the citrus oil business.



This strategic acquisition expands Prinova’s global presence and amplifies its ability as one of the world’s largest essential oil processors to provide uncompromising quality in every ingredient sourced.


By combining the strengths of Prinova and Flavor Tec, both companies are positioned to deliver world-class service across 5 continents and unmatched technical and commercial expertise.

Enabling Prinova’s customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia to create award-winning products that take the market by storm.


“I’m thrilled with the opportunity to shape the direction and the opportunities that the acquisition of Flavor Tec has created,” said Tom Charmont, Global Category Manager - Citrus Oils/Global Vice President of Sales - Aromas. “Prinova’s investment in processing technologies nestled in the heart of the Brazilian citrus belt, certainly highlights our commitment to the Citrus oil space and further enhances Prinova as a deep resource to our valued customers.”


Flavor Tec’s renowned reputation in South America for its high-quality Citrus oil products and platform will now be complemented by Prinova robust global network. This acquisition is poised to bring forward an era of enhanced product offerings, improved service delivery, and a greater ability to meet the needs of diverse clients.


“This acquisition allows Prinova to expand its global footprint into South America as well as enhance its capabilities and technologies,” shares Bill Palagonia, President of Prinova Aromas. “The facility is located in the heart of the citrus oil producing countries, and will help us deliver on our commitment to quality and sustainability.”


The acquisition is a testament to Prinova's commitment to progress, innovation, and customer-centricity. As businesses look for a dependable Citrus oil supplier, Prinova stands as a steadfast partner, ensuring unparalleled quality, cost-competitive products, on-time deliveries, and consistent product availability.


“We believe that we can reach greater heights, based on the operating model developed by each company, as we understand that it was through this that their solidity and history were created,” said Mercia Bettini, Previous Owner and now Vice President of R&D/Quality at Flavor Tec. “Maintaining the team, as well as the main values that have always been present in all respective activities, is what will enable continued growth and reinforce the trust placed in our companies and services.”


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