Global Supply Chain Delivers Raw Material Consistency

Prinova intervened to support a flavor and fragrance house that was experiencing problems with its supplies of lemon oil.

Challenge: Combatting Production Waste

A large flavor and fragrance house was experiencing manufacturing difficulties resulting from inconsistent batches of lemon oil, with properties varying widely between deliveries. As a consequence, its production line was running inefficiently, with high levels of waste generated by finished products that did not meet the required specification. 


The company asked Prinova to suggest ways in which it could address this. Our in-house experts understood right away that the underlying cause of the problem was variances in the properties of the lemons from which the oil was being extracted. The solution was to exert greater control over the provenance of the raw materials. 

Solution: Custom Blend Offers a Solution

In the first instance, Prinova’s experts performed an analysis to identify the customer’s ideal specification for lemon oil. From here, our colleagues were able to ascertain that a blend of oils from lemons produced in two particular regions of the world would deliver the profile required. We subsequently created a custom blend from these oils that would deliver consistent batches of lemon oil, minimizing the risk of wastage during production. 


This solution was possible thanks to Prinova’s extensive global supply chain. Our procurement teams have access to a huge range of raw materials and ingredients. This enables us source raw materials to very exacting specifications and react quickly to changing market conditions or crop variations that might impact on product quality or price.

Results: Achieving Consistency Time After Time

The flavor and fragrance house took immediate steps to move its lemon oil supply arrangements to Prinova. When an order comes in from the customer, our colleagues now test each batch of lemon oil before it is dispatched. This means we are able to check that it meets the correct specification and, if not, adjust the blend before it is delivered and put into the production process. As a result, levels of waste have fallen significantly. 


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