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Comprehensive Premix Quality Management

The Premixes You Need, The Quality You Demand 

At Prinova, quality, compliance, and food safety come first. Our infant-approved premix facilities are a testament to our dedication in supplying the safest, highest-quality premixes and blends. We implement clear procedures, uphold accountability, and continuously improve our processes to deliver the products our customers deserve.

Quality Across Our Supply Chain

Food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance start with our insistence on transparency and traceability. We can trace every batch back to the source, every step of the way. We share this information to keep you informed about what goes into each premix so you can then share the origin information your customers seek. You and your customers can trust that your finished product will meet label claims.

Feel confident in the quality of your ingredients. Our strict raw material verification and validation processes are aligned between our facilities, and our quality and regulatory teams routinely share best practices and risk assessments. Documentation is thorough, standardized, and readily available to meet expectations. Additionally, suppliers are monitored to assess authenticity and performance. Through extensive resources across our supply chain, we ensure that quality starts at the source.



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Quality in Our Manufacturing Sites

Alongside our ingredients sourcing expertise and diligence, we have developed blending facilities with your product goals in mind. Our global manufacturing sites and infant-approved premix facilities are well equipped to meet your food-safety requirements, resulting in a superior premix every time.


Our facilities meet the highest standards, as evidenced by the accreditations put in place across our sites worldwide. 


  United States Europe China
GFSI Certification BRC — AA grade
(by Intertek)
(by Bureau Veritas)
(by SGS)
Halal IFANCA Halal Food Authority MIU JAKIM Halal
Kosher CRC
(monthly inspections
in place)
Manchester Beth Din
(finalizing transition to
London Beth Din,
certificates pending)

Kosher Badatz — approved
Orthodox Union
Sedex SMETA 4-Pillar
(by Intertek)
SMETA 4-Pillar
(by Bureau Veritas)
SMETA 4-Pillar
(by SGS)
Other Safe Food Safe Feed
Certified for Sport®
warehouse floor full of pallets and crates
Access to Our Facilities 

Transparency and accountability are essential to building confidence in our products and services. Customers are welcome to conduct site visits to observe our production processes, controls, and quality systems in person. 

Business Continuity

Thanks to our global alignment efforts, we’re able to support a controlled production transfer between our sites, including:


  • Uniform systems, processes, and customer interfaces to safeguard consistency

  • Vertically integrated service centers that provide complete formulations, from nutrients to the finished packaged product

  • Consolidated global supply chain network, adaptable to regional and local regulatory requirements

  • Uniform analytical and validation capabilities, able to certify products according to customer requirements 


As we strive for continuous improvement, we share our KPIs and routinely exchange best practices between our manufacturing sites. 

Quality Expertise as a Tool for Compliance

Our comprehensive quality control laboratories, research and development labs, and in-house testing bolster quality. Our methods have been developed and validated to accommodate varying concentration levels of nutrients, with a broad spectrum of detection levels. We specifically work to eliminate any possible matrices interference inherent to premixes. This expertise is critical to ensure reliability of the testing performed — a result that consumer-goods testing methods cannot always achieve on concentrated blends. We routinely support customers through validation and stability studies to secure compliance in finished products. 


At our state-of-the-art laboratories, we offer a wide range of testing capabilities such as UPLC, HPLC, FT-IR, ICP-OES, GC, and GS-MS. Please contact us to discuss specific testing requirements.


We also implement DocuWare and LIMS management systems for data analysis, storage, and retrieval that’s reliable and secure.

Our analytical chemists and laboratory employees are experts in their fields. Their education, qualifications, and long-standing experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries provide excellent technical support to our quality-assurance efforts. To establish reliability and repeatability of the methods used, our laboratories participate in multiple annual proficiency tests both globally and locally.


All data reported on each Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is verified for accuracy by our teams. Once approved, you’ll receive a digital copy of your CoA via email, allowing you to get the CoA to your quality department before the shipment arrives. You’ll also receive a physical copy along with your shipment. The content of the certificate is fully customizable to meet customer needs. All results are traceable.

A Team You Can Trust

Our quality, regulatory, technical, and laboratory staff are all key players in the delivery of quality, food safety, and compliance. Across our organization, teams are dedicated to exceeding your standards with every batch.

Our QA teams confirm that policies, procedures, and systems are in place to adequately monitor the production of safe products in compliance with food-safety guidelines. They do this through selection, validation, verification, monitoring, auditing, and approval of suppliers, employee training, and facility maintenance. 

Our quality inspectors monitor incoming and outgoing products and ingredients. They conduct tests, analyze measurements, and oversee production processes, working closely with the operations department to maintain food safety. 

From formulation through packaging, our quality-control teams are responsible for evaluating materials to confirm that they meet required specifications. They record and maintain data, monitor product manufacturing, and provide final approval. Main areas of focus include analytical, physical, organoleptic, and packaging parameters for compliance. 

Our regulatory teams are responsible for the development, completeness, and accuracy of technical data for raw materials, finished products, packaging, and vendor evaluation. They certify that all raw materials and finished products meet applicable governing regulations. Technical data is available and delivered to internal and external customers. 

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