Powder Encapsulation

Protecting your bioactive ingredients for improved stability and controlled release

Overcoming challenging sensory attributes for your consumer

Prinova’s precision powder encapsulation technology is an innovative process that keeps your raw bioactive ingredients locked in. While preserving ingredients from external degradation, encapsulation can significantly extend the shelf life of your product, enhance its stability, and offer optimal controlled release methods.


Additionally, powder encapsulation offers effective separation of different ingredients. Giving you formulation flexibility and flavor and odor masking, you gain the market differentiation you need. Above all, encapsulation provides your customers with a more versatile and convenient product, giving them maximum effectiveness when and where it counts.


With our commitment to innovation and quality, choosing Prinova as your powder encapsulation supplier and long-term partner means we can help you unlock the full potential of your ingredients.


The encapsulation process

Powder encapsulation is a sophisticated process used by Prinova designed to protect and enhance the stability of your bioactive ingredients, such as vitamins, enzymes, or pharmaceuticals. Using this technique, fine particles of the ingredient get a thin, protective coating made up of proteins or sugar-based carbohydrates. 


The encapsulation process can involve different techniques, such as spray drying or fluidized bed coating, depending on the requirement and final application. As a result, the coating provides an effective barrier against different external factors, including moisture, oxygen, heat, and light. 


It also preserves the active ingredients after the product is taken, protecting them from stomach acids and incompatibilities with other ingredients to optimize efficacy through targeted and controlled release at the right time for maximum effect. 

Encapsulation technology is widely applied in industries from pharmaceuticals to food and nutrition and plays an essential role. As an experienced encapsulation manufacturer, Prinova specializes in this process and can work with you to deliver products with a precision coating to suit your needs.

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Application benefits of powder encapsulation

Powder encapsulation offers benefits across a diverse range of industries, ensuring enhanced stability and controlled release of active ingredients. The process can also transform your product in different ways, from increased shelf life to improved solubility and flavor or odor masking. As a result, you can optimize your product for quality, performance, and consumer satisfaction.


In the food industry, encapsulation is a revolutionary development, enhancing product stability and functionality. This technique is used to mask sensitive ingredients like vitamins or probiotics while protecting them from degradation due to environmental factors. It can also introduce functional ingredients into a variety of food products. As a result, your product benefits from extended shelf life and improved taste for your customers.

Flavor and fragrance

Powder encapsulation plays a significant role in the flavor and fragrance industry by preserving the blends responsible for sensory experiences. This method allows for the controlled release of flavors and scents, increasing their life and stability in various applications, from food products to personal care items.


For sports and nutritional products, encapsulation can be instrumental in the effective delivery of essential nutrients. This technology protects vitamins, minerals, and amino or omega-3 fatty acids, ensuring their stability and bioavailability. As a result, nutritional supplements with microencapsulated ingredients offer improved absorption, promoting better health outcomes for your consumers.

Related ingredient powder encapsulation categories

Powder encapsulation offers a diverse, adaptable, and versatile method for preserving and enhancing various ingredient categories, from bioactives to flavors. Given that Prinova is at the forefront of this innovation, we specialize in this process. We offer you custom ways to protect, stabilize, and optimize the functionality of diverse essential ingredient categories for a range of industries.

Bioactive ingredients

Preserve the efficacy of bioactive compounds, including pharmaceuticals, enzymes, and caffeine, ensuring prolonged stability and controlled release for optimal effects and functional benefits.


Protecting oils, including fish oil and sesame oil, from certain environmental factors, encapsulation offers long-lasting freshness while preserving their nutritional value.


Encapsulation is essential in delivering probiotics, protecting their active cultures in the stomach, and maximizing their effectiveness in gut and overall health.


Vitamins benefit greatly from encapsulation, protecting essential nutrients from light or oxygen and enhancing their bioavailability to benefit supplements, fortified foods, and beverages.


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