Ingredient Micronization

Powder micronizing for precise and uniform mesh requirements

Positively impacting customer sensory experience and enjoyment

As part of our capabilities, Prinova’s advanced micronization processes set new standards in powder micronizing and particle size reduction. By creating a finely ground blend of any active ingredients, micronization gives your nutrition an improved sensory experience through better mouthfeel, ensuring the product's improved quality and nutritional benefits.


However, the beneficial processes of micronization go beyond particle size engineering. Whatever sport or lifestyle product your nutritional powder will go into, the results will ensure your customer always experiences a great-tasting, smooth, and more rapidly dispersible blend with optimized performance.   


As your micronizing ingredient supplier, Prinova can deliver the precision particle engineering you need for superior brand positioning.


Our micronization processes

Micronization is crucial in reducing ingredient particle sizes to enhance product performance. Because Prinova specializes in the three main methods of ingredient micronization, your preferred choice between hammer, jet, and air classification milling gives you custom particle size reduction options depending on material characteristics and your specific product requirements.

Air classification milling

Our first choice method for micronization, air classification milling, uses a stream of air to separate particles based on their size and density. Widely used for industries looking to control precise particle size distribution, we can micronize down to a D50 of 10 microns (1250 mesh), even for heat-sensitive items, while handling a wide range of packaging for incoming and finished products, including drums, super sacks, bags, and boxes).

Jet milling

This precision method uses high-speed fluid jets to grind materials into superfine particles down to around 0.5 microns. Used for industries that require superior product quality, the jet milling of ingredients ensures uniform particle size distribution and optimal performance. As a result, the efficiency and precision of jet milling make it essential for producing finely milled powders for improved bioavailability.

Hammer milling

Hammer milling is a general-purpose reduction method using rotating hammers to crush materials. Widely used across various industries, it efficiently grinds materials to generate a diverse range of particle sizes up to around 10 microns in size. This versatile process suits more coarse grind applications and rapid solubility.

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Related ingredient micronization categories

With our knowledge, expertise, and industry position in ingredient distribution, we can help you create the perfect powder blend to meet your requirements. As micronization experts, our capabilities extend to a wide range of high-quality ingredients and ingredient categories, helping your product take advantage of precision powder micronization for your product.

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