Ingredient Agglomeration

Fluid bed ingredient agglomeration for the improvement of powder dispersibility

For consistent product performance and customer satisfaction

Prinova’s fluid bed ingredient agglomeration technology is an advanced and versatile powder processing technique that enhances and transforms fine powders into free-flowing, larger particles. Specifically, using water or liquid functional ingredients as a binding agent allows for uniformity and easy particle separation. As a result, your powder product benefits from increased flowability and reduced caking.


While used for several applications, including food, beverage, and nutrition, the fluid bed agglomeration process will give your customers a better product experience. From improved mouthfeel and consistency to better dispersibility and more precise measuring or dosing.


Above all, as your long-term ingredient and powder agglomeration partner, Prinova can help you optimize ingredient properties and achieve customer satisfaction through superior product performance.


Application benefits of fluid bed agglomeration

Fluid bed agglomeration is a technique that benefits many sectors and industries thanks to its versatile applications. Whether improving product texture in food or ensuring consistent flavor dispersion in beverages, it aims to optimize product quality and performance for a range of consumer products.


Fluid bed ingredient agglomeration transforms the food industry by improving texture and dispersibility. The process ensures better flowability of ingredients, leading to uniform product quality. From instant coffee to powdered soups, the agglomeration technique creates free-flowing granules that dissolve easily, enhancing the sensory experience and convenience for your consumers.


For beverages, fluid bed agglomeration helps to achieve consistent flavor dispersion. What’s more, this process optimizes the dispersibility of ingredients, preventing clumping and ensuring an improved mouthfeel. From powdered drink mixes to instant tea or coffee, fluid bed agglomeration makes a range of beverages more palatable and convenient for consumers.


By optimizing particle characteristics for the stability of nutrients, the fluid bed agglomeration process is essential. In effect, your powder ready-to-mix products benefit from better dispersibility without additional agitation for complete ease of use and an improved consumer user experience.

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With our knowledge, expertise, and industry position in ingredient distribution, we can help you create the perfect powder blend to meet your requirements. As fluid bed agglomeration experts, our capabilities extend to various high-quality ingredients and ingredient categories. Therefore, we can help your product address specific challenges to enhance the overall functionality and characteristics of your powdered materials.

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