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Global custom nutrient premix manufacturing for quality premixes and market-ready blends

As global leaders in market-ready blend and custom nutrient premix manufacturing, Prinova can help get your product to market faster and help your brand stand out from your competition. Whether for food and beverage, supplements and sports nutrition, or personal care, our custom premixes are more than a blend of ingredients – they’re a fusion of our diverse expertise and resources in one formulation specific to your consumer’s needs.


Additionally, our market-ready blends reduce product development times and ensure your brand is ahead of the curve regarding the latest trends. Coupled with decades of expertise and knowledge of the most popular categories, applications, and branded ingredients, we help you create a great-tasting and precisely formulated market-ready blend.


Trust Prinova to streamline your product development and manufacturing processes for products your consumers will love.


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Comprehensive premix ingredients range

At Prinova, our nutrient premixes go beyond standard blends to create specific custom premixes incorporating a broad range of ingredients, including vitamins, amino acids, sweeteners, botanicals and plant proteins. Accordingly, our product development team can quickly and cost-effectively create custom premixes designed for any application.

Premixes to benefit your business

Fuel your product development with our range of custom premixes. Together with our wide selection of premix solutions, ranging from food and beverage applications to custom vitamin and mineral premixes and blends, our product development team can help you:


  • Accelerate speed to market

  • Determine the best market form

  • Simplify product development

  • Optimise supply chain security 

  • Differentiate your finished product

  • Enhance functionality

  • Streamline production processes and reduce costs

  • Meet label claims and account for overages

Premixes that deliver health benefits

Our nutrient premixes are designed and engineered with specific ingredients that fortify products and promote health. Therefore, our product development team can help with a range of nutritional needs, providing a convenient way for consumers to target a range of health benefits, including:


  • Cognitive behaviour

  • Digestion 

  • Hair, skin, nails , and vision

  • Heart health and joint care

  • Immune system

  • Pre, intra, and post-workout  

  • Vegan and vegetarian

  • Weight management 

Premixes for multiple applications

Given that we're a full-service nutrient premix manufacturer, our product development team can help develop powder and fat-soluble nutrient and vitamin premixes and market-ready blends for a wide range of popular end-use applications, including:


  • Beverages, cereals, and bars

  • Dairy and dairy replacement

  • Flour fortification

  • Infant nutrition 

  • Meal replacements and meal supplements

  • Oil and fat fortification

  • Meat replacement

  • Personal care

  • Sports nutrition 

  • Supplements

Explore our nutrient premixes by category

When you choose Prinova as your custom nutrient premix manufacturing partner, we aim to develop premix formulas that perform optimally in your finished applications. Due to our experience and expertise in this area, Prinova is best placed to help you create cutting-edge products and get them to market quickly and efficiently. 


Find out more about how we can help you: 


Custom dry & liquid nutrient premixes
Custom dry & liquid nutrient premixes
Our custom dry and liquid premixes are formulated for stability and temperature variations while masking off notes and odors for products that meet your needs. Dry & liquid premix
Particle size enhancement
Particle size enhancement
Together with a range of particle size enhancement services, our ingredients will transform your product from flavor and solubility enhancement to increased bioavailability. Particle enhancement
Staple food fortification
Staple food fortification
Using our expertise and resources, we can help you develop food fortification premixes for at-risk populations in developing countries around the globe. Food fortification
Quality and accreditations
Quality and accreditations
Our commitment to quality, compliance, and food safety is vital, and we take quality management seriously to deliver nutrient premixes of the highest standards. Prinova quality

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

At Prinova, quality, compliance, and safety come first. Due to this belief, our facilities in the US, Europe, and China have earned the trust of leading brands and manufacturers worldwide, helping to increase efficiency and reduce costs. 


Together with strict quality control at every stage of production, our nutrient premix manufacturing facilities are BRC-approved, and upon request, we can produce custom premixes and blends in our Informed Sport-certified and NSF International GMP-registered facility. 


We also have three facilities approved for infant nutrition, so you can be confident that our vitamin and nutrient premixes meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, our premix manufacturing facilities share standardised production and quality systems, reducing time and costs for multi-site approvals. 


What’s more, we can trace every ingredient back to the raw material source for our premixes, giving you and your consumers the origin information they need and expect.


Supply chain security

As a brand, you need confidence in your supply source – even for the most in-demand ingredients. Thanks to Prinova’s strong global relationships with suppliers, leading market positions in key product categories, and direct ingredient sourcing and distribution, we’re a one-stop shop for all your product needs, providing exactly what you need, when you need it. 


Our robust supply chains also allow us to provide real-time insights, local market knowledge about ingredient availability, and market trends. As a result, you can make informed, strategic business decisions at the right time. Additionally, we remove risk and offer long-term, fixed-price contracts for added assurance. 


Find out how our sourcing and supply chain management make us the perfect nutrient premix manufacturing partner for your business.


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