Market-ready ingredient blends

Speed up your new product launch with all-in-one blends

Creating the perfect sensory experience for your consumers

As a global leader in market-ready ingredient blends, Prinova can help streamline your product with our all-in-one blends and flavor production for powder and ready-to-mix beverages. While carefully created using our on-hand inventory of ingredients, there’s never been a more efficient or effective way to accelerate your product launch.


Together with the perfect base formula for liquid and powder applications, what sets us apart is our unparalleled ability to customize formulas and flavors to match your specifications. Our taste experts ensure your product stands out in the market while saving you valuable time and resources, and giving your consumers the perfect sensory experience. 


By partnering with us, your brand will always be leading industry and product development, delivering great-tasting and precision-formulated blends that position you front and center in the market.

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Market-ready ingredient blend applications

Together with a full range of ingredients and in-house custom services, you can use our in-depth understanding of current market and consumer trends to your advantage. As a result, partnering with us from initial development to production will help formulate innovative market-ready blends and ready-to-mix powders for a range of applications to set your brand apart. 

Dairy-based Proteins

Dairy-based proteins, sourced only from manufacturers working with fresh raw materials, allow us to offer a full range of high-content, market-ready protein blends.

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Plant-based Proteins

Organic and non-organic plant-based proteins rich in amino acids for custom plant-based protein formulas that deliver the nutrition profile and taste you need.

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Pre-, intra-, and post-workout

Boost physical performance with market-ready nutrient premix blends designed to fortify products and optimize the benefits of all pre, intra, and post-workouts.

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Nootropic and multivitamin supplements

Scientifically formulated, market-ready vitamin premix blends with nootropics for cognitive performance or essential multivitamins for overall well-being.

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Meal replacement formulas

Our convenient and nutritionally balanced meal replacement blends provide a delicious and satisfying alternative for busy lifestyles.

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A selection of nature’s nutrient-rich superfoods, precision-blended by us to enhance vitality and promote overall health and wellness.


Our immunity-supporting, market-ready ingredient blends have all the right nutrients and immune-boosting properties to help you stay healthy.

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Hydration and electrolytes

Stay hydrated and energized with our electrolyte-packed blends, perfect for replenishing essential minerals lost during physical activity or exercise.

When you need application expertise and experience for your market-ready ingredient blends, talk to us about how we can help. Find out how we can leverage our specialist in-house capabilities to deliver the benefits you need.

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Prinova market-ready ingredient blend benefits

In the long run, using Prinova as your experienced market-ready blend and premix partner means you can enjoy all our unparalleled benefits. From streamlined product development to secure supply chains, our services help your product innovation from beginning to end. Therefore, your brand can thrive in today's competitive marketplace with the convenience, customization, and quality you expect.

Accelerated speed to market
Accelerated speed to market
With vertically integrated, in-house processes, we can speed up your product launch and help you take advantage of market opportunities quickly and effectively.
Simplified product development
Simplified product development
While our product development experts can turn your concept into a formula or custom blend, you save time, money, and resources.
Finished product differentiation
Finished product differentiation
Stand out in a crowded market with custom formulas for your brand, setting your products apart from competitors and capturing consumer attention.
Simplified production processes
Simplified production processes
Vertically integrated production simplifies manufacturing, reducing cost and inefficiencies while ensuring consistent quality with every batch.
Label claim compliance
Label claim compliance
Every blended formula meets strict label requirements, providing transparency and compliance with regulatory standards.
Optimal delivery formats
Optimal delivery formats
We work with you to identify the optimal delivery format for your product, whether liquid or powder, to ensure maximum consumer appeal.
Secure supply chains
Secure supply chains
Our supply chain management gives you secure and reliable access to direct, high-quality ingredient sourcing without disruptions.
Our blends are designed to enhance product performance and functionality, delivering real benefits for your consumers and driving sales.
Cost-effective manufacturing
Cost-effective manufacturing
Streamlined processes and optimized ingredient sourcing help you reduce costs without compromising product quality or results.
Complete processing
Complete processing
Developed to ensure optimal product stability, our market-ready blends offer shelf-life and integrity across production and distribution.

Find out how we can work together and talk to us about leveraging our market-ready ingredient blend capabilities to benefit your product and your consumers.

Custom dry and liquid nutrient premixes

When using our high-quality ingredients, we ensure precision formulations to create the product you need for beverages, dairy, personal care, infant and early-life nutrition, sports and lifestyle nutrition, and more. 


While market-ready blends provide a base formula, our custom dry and liquid nutrient premixes offer unparalleled flexibility. Blends customized for processing conditions offer stability, heat tolerance, and no off-flavors or odors, giving you complete control over your product formula.


Together with global manufacturing facilities on three continents and a global reach with local expertise, our premixes enhance nutritional profiles while meeting specific market and regulatory needs.


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