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FlavorGuard ™

Get up to 18 months of increased shelf-life for your flavors

Give your consumers the best flavor experience from your products

Incredible flavors have the power to create an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind sensory experience to keep your consumers coming back for more. So, protecting your product flavors and increasing their shelf-life with Prinova’s innovative FlavorGuard Extended Shelf-Life Flavors is essential for consistently delivering an exceptional taste for every consumer. 


FlavorGuard addresses the common challenge of oxidation in spray-dried flavors and extends their shelf life by up to 18 months – well beyond the standard cycle. By adding FlavorGuard technology into your spray-dried flavor formulations, you can ensure product stability and guarantee that each taste sensation exceeds expectations, driving customer satisfaction to new heights.


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FlavorGuard benefits

Using encapsulated FlavorGuard flavors from Prinova gives numerous benefits to your end product. By incorporating FlavorGuard into your formulations, you have an economical and efficient way to ensure your products maintain their exceptional flavor profiles for longer, surpassing industry standards and delighting your consumers every time. The FlavorGuard benefits include:

Up to 18 months shelf-life

Increased oxidative stability

True-to-taste flavor profile

Clean label

Cost-effective solution

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FlavorGuard sample library

Incorporating Prinova's FlavorGuard technology helps you extend powdered citrus flavors' shelf life by up to 18 months. Take a look at a sample of our diverse FlavorGuard library below, showcasing an array of flavors to increase the life span and quality of your products.

NWONF Natural with other natural flavors  |  N Natural flavor

Fresh Lime
#28519 (N)

Candy Lime
#28520 (N)

Lemon Lime
#28521 (NWONF)

#28622 (NWONF)

Lemon Zest
#28624 (NWONF)

#28625 (NWONF)

Sweet Orange
#28626 (NWONF)

Red Fruit Punch
#28627 (N)

Tropical Fruit Punch
#28628 (N)

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Extended shelf-life, same great taste

As a global flavor manufacturer, speed, service, and incredible-tasting flavors are at the heart of what we do. In fact, with our FlavorGuard Extended Shelf-Life Flavors, we took the time to make sure they all taste great. 


When carrying out sensory analysis testing at Prinova, we found that our test sample featuring FlavorGuard technology passed sample tests even after 24 months, compared to the control sample, which failed at nine months.*


*Tetrad test with a minimum of 21 panelists evaluating an accelerated sample (from incubator) against a frozen control.

a chart showing higher results with FlavorGuard™ than the control

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