Flavor modification

Flavor technology to turn off the off-tastes

Give your consumers a better-for-you and better-tasting product

When it comes to developing innovative products that taste great and prioritize health and wellness, collaboration with a single-source partner specializing in personalized, hand-crafted flavor creation is invaluable. Prinova’s approach to flavor modification ensures that every aspect of your product’s taste profile is curated to meet the highest standards of quality, taste, and satisfaction.


Additionally, having a partner who’s a leading supplier of functional ingredients adds another layer of expertise and insight into the flavor modification process. Given that we understand the challenges that can arise by incorporating ingredients into formulations, we have the knowledge and resources to overcome them effectively.


Above all, by turning to a source expert for flavor modification, you can tap into experience and creativity to give you products that meet and exceed consumer expectations. From sweetness enhancing to flavor masking and using bitter blockers, the possibilities are endless when collaborating with a partner who prioritizes innovation and excellence in flavor creation.


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Bitter blockers for better-tasting products

Too many better-for-you products with functional ingredients are just way too bitter for their own good. Prinova's precision approach to flavor modification offers a transformative way to overcome the common challenge of bitterness in better-for-you nutritional products. 


Together with advanced techniques and expertise, we create a bitter blocking solution to eliminate bitterness. In effect, this ensures your product delivers a satisfying taste experience that resonates with your consumers and screams “better” from top to bottom.

Plant Blocker for plant-based protein products

The newest addition to our flavor modification range is Plant Blocker – a bitter-blocking technology developed by Prinova to create better-tasting plant-based protein products.

Specifically, Plant Blocker was designed to solve the taste and flavor challenges that come with many plant-based protein ingredients. These challenges can include:


  • Bitter off-notes

  • Grassy, cooked, or hay-like off-flavors

  • Unpleasant grittiness


As a result, Plant Blocker can be incorporated into almost any product that features plant-based proteins. Additionally, it works exceptionally well with Prinova’s line of premium Smooth Protein™ ingredients. Request a sample today and create your next great-tasting plant-based protein product.

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Flavor masking to target off-flavors at source

Targeting and masking off-flavors at their source is vital to improve your product's overall taste and palatability. With this in mind, we begin by looking at your specific ingredient challenges and working closely with you to develop custom flavor solutions. 


Understanding these challenges is essential in striking a balance to ensure the flavor masking process won’t compromise your product's nutritional integrity or authenticity. It also helps give you a consistently smoother product and a more enjoyable taste experience for your consumers.

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Sweetness enhancing for max taste without the calories

Sweetening up your experience goes beyond just adding sugar. Our handcrafted flavor solutions are developed with you to meet your flavor challenges with specific ingredients that allow you to gain enhanced sweetness without the extra calories. 


With Prinova as your single-source partner, we carefully select and blend high or low-intensity or plant-based sweeteners to help you create a delicious taste profile. As a result, you’ll satisfy the palate while meeting your health and wellness goals.

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Learn more about flavor modification

Flavor modification changes the perception of tastes on the tongue to change how someone senses a flavor. Consider flavor modification for your product to eliminate off-tastes, enhance sweetness, improve nutrition, or reduce costs.


We like to break down our flavor modification processes into three main categories: flavor masking, bitter blocking, and sweetness enhancing. Click below to read more about each of these in more detail.

Flavor masking

Flavor masking intends to lessen off-notes while providing a neutral flavor profile. This approach uses FEMA-GRAS materials that provide an aroma and/or taste attribute to lower someone's perception of off-notes. These materials can include common flavor ingredients and other materials, including sweeteners, acids, and salts.

Bitter blocking

Bitter blockers can change taste attributes through a chemical process. Any ingredient that acts as a blocker will interact by either binding with the bitter taste receptor on the tongue or binding with the ‘offending’ taste. This process helps the tongue not become aware of the taste, blocking bitterness or off-notes for a better-tasting product.

Sweetness enhancing

Sweetness enhancers can help increase the sweet perception of natural sweeteners and common sugars without adding extra calories. These flavor modifiers are easily blended into other flavors and provide a cost-effective solution to add sweetness to your product

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