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As a leading vitamin and supplement capsule manufacturer, Prinova understands the demands of the nutrition, vitamin, and supplement capsule marketplace better than most. Besides bringing an established blend of experience and expertise, we focus on delivering specialized nutrition capsule contract manufacturing services that reflect your commitment to quality and innovation.


Unlike one-size-fits-all resources, we tailor our expertise to your needs. As a result, we deliver a range of nutritional capsules and tablets that meet the demands of your consumers. Together with state-of-the-art facilities and over 35 years of experience, our product development capabilities and nutritional formula precision will ensure your next product is positioned where it needs to be for maximum impact.


So, if you’re a major player in the sports and nutrition industry looking for custom ingredient sourcing, in-demand raw materials, complete supply chain security, and a long-term vitamin and supplement capsule manufacturing partner, Prinova is ready to help you.


Nutrition capsule applications

Prinova is one of the industry’s largest contract manufacturers in the US. For this reason, our expertise in nutrition capsule manufacturing spans a wide range of applications. Whether venturing into the herbal supplement market, formulating multivitamins, or creating certified and approved weight management capsules, Prinova has the technology and insight to keep pace with the latest market trends and customer demands and bring your custom formula product to life.

Herbal supplements

Prinova can help create herbal supplements that capture the essence of nature's healing power. Our nutraceutical formulations are meticulously blended with precision using the highest quality herbal ingredients. Therefore, we deliver capsules and tablets that your health-conscious customers can rely on.


For all multivitamin applications, we formulate custom blends that go beyond meeting nutritional needs. Offering a wide range of vitamins and derivatives to support the health and well-being of your customers, our capsules and tablets can help you stand out in a crowded market.

Weight management

In a high-demand category, weight management capsule manufacturing from Prinova can help set your brand apart. Partner with us for capsules and tablets that play a part in a healthier lifestyle and provide consumers with an effective outcome.

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Our manufacturing location

Prinova’s nutrition capsule manufacturing facility covers a full range of capsule types, from organic, vegan, and vegetarian to prebiotic and hard gelatin. Equally important are our two high-speed encapsulation machines to help you develop and produce capsules in volume with speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Spring Hill, TN

Our state-of-the-art facility in Spring Hill, TN, is 350,000 sq ft and one of the largest contract manufacturing facilities in the industry. Significantly, our services include product development and custom packaging with high capacity and output to produce high-quality nutrition, vitamin, and supplement capsules.

Nutrition capsule packaging formats

Alongside our vitamin and supplement capsule manufacturing, Prinova offers various bespoke retail packaging options. From plastic or glass bottles to packets and blister packs, our cost-effective packaging helps your nutritional capsule products stand out while meeting the needs and demands of your consumers.


Prinova offers versatile bottle packaging for capsules. Available in a range of colors and sizes, glass or recyclable plastic bottles ensure consumer safety, convenience, and hygiene.

Blister packs

Our blister pack packaging offers airtight protection against moisture or contamination for each capsule. Improve shelf life and customer confidence with secure and tamper-evident packs.

Pouches and packs

Versatile, easy-open, and stay-fresh pouches and packs come in various sizes and volume options, providing a convenient option for your consumers.

Other Prinova services

Together with a range of specialized capabilities alongside our nutrition capsule manufacturing services, Prinova gives you the expertise, experience, and support you need and expect from a single-source partner to get your product on retail shelves.

Ingredients distribution
Ingredients distribution
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Nutrient premixes
Nutrient premixes
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Market-ready blends
Market-ready blends
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Particle technologies
Particle technologies
Complete micronization, fluid bed agglomeration, encapsulation, and spray-drying technologies to deliver the benefits of product convenience and stability. Learn More

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