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Sports And Lifestyle Nutrition Contract Manufacturing

The experience you need to manufacture market-ready custom ready-to-mix powders and capsules

Your single-source process partner from start to finish

Prinova is at the forefront of global sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturing. As a result of our expertise and experience in ingredient distribution, we ensure efficiency and reliability while delivering innovative product formulas and great-tasting products. Together with a manufacturing foundation built on a robust and streamlined supply chain, we can deliver the product you need when you need it. 


With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we ensure unparalleled quality, efficiency, and service for every customer. What’s more, our commitment to innovation through advanced product development allows us to create distinctive products that redefine industry standards. 


As your single-source partner, trust Prinova for a comprehensive, customer-focused contract manufacturing process from start to finish.

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Your sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturing partner

Prinova operates out of two state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, with over 750,000 sq ft dedicated to sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturing. Together with superior size, our end-to-end capabilities allow for complete scalability, flexibility, and product development expertise in two core areas of our nutrition portfolio, each focusing on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction as your single-source partner.


Prinova's expertise in ready-to-mix powders comes down to being one of the largest contract manufacturers in the US for capacity and output. Bringing efficiency and precision into every process step, we meet and exceed your blending needs with a scalable process customized for your growth.


Prinova can help you produce a range of nutritional capsules and tablets. Together with our industry-leading product development expertise and nutritional formula precision, we can help position your product in a competitive marketplace based on current trends.

Manufacturing locations

Prinova’s ability to meet your demands is second to none. Due to our state-of-the-art sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturing facilities, we have the global capacity to offer dedicated space for greater flexibility and scalability of your products. Additionally, our vertical integration gives you a complete in-house process from concept to completion. With all this in mind, we focus on helping you develop high-quality sports and lifestyle nutrition products with speed, efficiency, and reliability.


Spring Hill, Tennessee

Our cutting-edge, 350,000 sq ft facility in Spring Hill, TN, is one of the largest contract manufacturing facilities in the industry for producing high-quality custom RTM powder supplements. We also have dedicated space to produce vitamin and supplement capsules and tablets. Additionally, our in-house product development can help transform your product with end-to-end expertise in formula concerts and flavor development.


Together with product development and manufacturing, our Spring Hill facility also provides packaging options for your products. These include canisters, flexible pouches, tubs, and stick packs for powder products and blister packs, bottles, pouches, and packs for any volume of capsules or tablets.



Salt Lake City, Utah

Our second facility based in Salt Lake City, UT, is a dedicated 438,000 sq ft nutraceutical manufacturing plant. With extended operational capacity for powder handling and blending, this gives us even more capability to produce custom RTM powder supplements to your specifications. Additionally, this plant allows the capability for further packing options for your RTM powder products in the form of tubs and stick packs.


UK and China

Prinova’s contract manufacturing capabilities also extend globally, with dedicated facilities based in Aylesford, UK and Changzhou, China. Serving Prinova contract manufacturing customers outside the US for the rest of the world, our capacity for sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturing knows no bounds.

The Prinova benefits

As a result of using Prinova as your single-source sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturing partner, you have a range of additional benefits, giving you everything you need to help bring your products to market faster.

Vertical integration

As the largest ingredient distributor, we can provide everything you need, from up-to-date market expertise on cost-driving raw materials for turnkey deliverables to in-house product development, flavor production, rapid lead times, and supply chain security, maximizing efficiency at every step.

Premium quality

Both of our contract manufacturing sites are BRC Grade A and NSF and GMP-Certified. Therefore, we’re committed to full traceability and strict product quality to deliver at every stage of your manufacturing process.

Size and scalability

From small-batch to large-scale manufacturing, our 750,000 sq ft facility gives us flexibility in size and scope. We can scale up with your ambitions, allowing you to meet growing product demand without compromise to efficiency or quality.

On-hand inventory

Owing to our large, on-hand inventory, we have direct access to in-stock ingredients for a cost-efficient and reliable supply of raw materials for shorter lead times and improved flexibility.

Speed and efficiency

As an industry leader in the fast-moving sports and lifestyle nutrition and supplement industry, we recognize the need for a prompt response at every level – and we deliver. Whether it’s product development insights, pricing, feedback, or your initial inquiry, we meet your needs with agility and efficiency.

Key contract manufacturing applications

Our key contract manufacturing services benefit directly from our vertically integrated processes. As your expert partner, we can deliver a smooth, value-added, and quality-driven approach to market success while meeting your needs, however far along your product journey.

Ingredient Distribution

  • Market expertise in cost-driving raw materials

  • Access to an on-hand inventory of premium and in-demand ingredients

  • Secure supply chains

  • Unparalleled reliability for customers

Premix Manufacturing

  • Full product development support

  • Comprehensive ingredient sourcing

  • Custom formulas to meet your needs

  • Formula transition capabilities

Flavour Manufacturing

  • Custom flavour development 

  • On-trend or signature flavours

  • Taste enhancement modulation

  • Integrated processes for efficiency

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Sports and lifestyle nutrition product development

Our internal product development team can help you create your next breakthrough sports and lifestyle nutrition product. As a result of our experience, unrivaled expertise, and insights into current ingredient, market, and consumer trends, our team can work with you to develop, formulate, and refine a product to help you and your brand stand out.


With Prinova as your partner, we offer you complete transparency with every custom formula. We can also work with you to understand the commercial stages needed to deliver an innovative product that gives you a competitive edge.

Female scientist experimenting with plant extracts, body care lotions, aroma

Quality assurance and controls

As a sports and lifestyle nutrition contract manufacturer, having complete transparency of our ingredients is essential to brands and their consumers. As a result, both of our manufacturing facilities are BRC Grade A and NSF-Certified having been audited by independent third parties to determine compliance. 


Additionally, our quality control teams ensure that raw materials are tested for product safety and integrity for complete reassurance in every area. By following strict quality standards, we’re also GMP-certified in every part of the production process.

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