Plant Proteins
Plant-Based Protein Powders

Take Plant-Based Beyond Plant-Basic 

With Our Unique and Premium Plant Proteins

As one of the world's leading protein distributors, we can supply you with favorites like soy, pea and rice – the highest quality, too. Our size and reach also gives you the opportunity to stand out with plant proteins far from your garden variety.


Our Smooth Protein™ plant-based portfolio helps you develop a base protein formula that shines. And now with Plant Blocker Technology, a new bitter blocker designed to further reduce bitterness and grittiness, you can “unearth” an even greater consumer experience.



Plant-Based Protein Powders

Smooth Protein™

Experience next-level taste and texture with clean label plant-based proteins. Our line of premium alternative protein powders plug and play with traditional commodity pea protein to deliver better mouthfeel, reduced bitterness, and smoother finish.



Optimize Your Proteins

Take advantage of our protein ingredient expertise with project guidance from our research and development team. They’ll give you all the help you need to overcome the challenges often associated with protein formulation development.

Optimize your product from start to finish. Our comprehensive range of product development services provides everything you need to bolster your product’s chances of success.

Our flavor experts specialize in high-protein applications so you can build a protein formulation that incorporates the latest in ingredient technology. Use our understanding of bitter blockers, flavor enhancers, and gum systems to optimize the sensory experience of your product and deliver the latest on-trend flavors.

Harness branded protein ingredients to boost the performance and appeal of your products. Smooth Protein, offers an opportunity to elevate taste and texture for products with a pea protein base.