Powerful Nutraceuticals from Sources You Can Trust

Cutting-Edge Nutraceutical Ingredients

Prinova offers access to a wealth of nutraceutical ingredients from market-leading manufacturers across the world. We can provide everything you need for supplements, functional foods, beverages, pet care, personal care, and more. Because we only work with trusted suppliers, you can be sure of high quality and performance. Our range includes standardized and customer-specific ingredients, as well as innovative new products powered by the latest science and R&D. You can also talk to us about sourcing any other ingredients from our extensive supplier network.

Nutraceutical Ingredients Powered by Science

Nutrition science and market trends are continually evolving. We harness the latest cutting-edge research to help you create innovative science-backed products that meet contemporary consumer needs. Working with us, you can respond to growing concerns like nutritional health, weight management, chronic disease prevention, and healthy aging. 


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  • Joint Care
  • Hair, Skin, & Nails
  • Immunity Support
  • Pre, Intra, Post Workout
  • Weight Management
  • Digestive Support
  • Heart Health
  • Vegan

High-Quality Ingredients for Every Application

Our customers operate in a range of sectors, and they all have unique needs. We offer nutraceutical ingredients for applications including functional foods and beverages, sports nutrition, animal nutrition, and personal care. When you partner with us we will help you respond to market trends for years to come. What won’t change is our commitment to quality. Get the high-quality ingredients you need to support your application needs — even as they evolve. 


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Stand Out from the Crowd

Nutrition markets are increasingly crowded. Thanks to our network of world-leading functional ingredient and nutraceutical suppliers, we can help you create products that stand out.

Using our branded nutraceutical ingredients is an excellent way to achieve product differentiation. We can also coordinate your R&D, regulatory, and marketing efforts, helping you maximize the value of your product offering and reach a wider audience.

At Prinova, our product development experts consider the properties of nutraceutical ingredients and how they will perform in your finished products. Our premixes are developed to ensure stability, tolerate heat, and mask undesirable flavors and odors. They also account for overages to compensate for processing conditions and potential shelf loss.

Turning a nutraceutical product idea into a profitable reality can be challenging. With a full range of product development services, we can help you achieve control of the full process and get your product to market more quickly. Take advantage of our development expertise in applications including ready-to-mix powders, beverages, capsules and tablets, gummies, and functional foods.