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Let Prinova take care of your essential oils sourcing requirements. With 30 years of experience as a leading essential oils distributor, we have access to the highest quality products from all over the world. We’ll help you to make the right purchasing decisions at the right time, with long-term, fixed-priced contracts available so you can eliminate uncertainty. We offer a comprehensive range of bulk essential oils, wholesale essential oils and organic essential oils. They deliver superior flavor and fragrance in a wide range of applications, including aromatherapy, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and personal care.

Buy with Confidence

We’ll provide a certificate of analysis with every essential oil you buy from us, so you can be sure of its purity. We have an extensive range of essential oils but if you can’t find what you need listed on our site, please contact us. We specialize in sourcing new products upon request.

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Real-Time Market Insights

Our long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers give us access to real-time insights into the status of raw, natural materials and production outputs. This means we can give you actionable business intelligence, which will help you reduce your exposure to market volatility and stay in control of your costs.

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Sourcing Expertise

We operate a global partner network of growers and processors of essential oils, with dedicated purchasing offices and warehouses in key producing regions. This enables us to offer an ever-expanding portfolio of pure, all-natural essential oils with guaranteed quality, supply chain transparency, and consistent availability. 

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Quality & Regulatory Systems

Every essential oil we deliver undergoes rigorous external and in-house testing and comes with full traceability back to the native species. Our experts will also offer guidance on regulatory compliance for products containing essential oils.

Explore Our Essential Oils by Category

These essential oils carry the scents of spring with green and grassy tones reminiscent of trees, climbing moss, and forest leaves.

The cleansing, cooling sensation frequently associated with mint is a popular feature in topical applications and aromatherapy.

Often used for their tart, clean, and fruity aroma, citrus essential oils are popularly associated with lifting moods and reducing stress in aromatherapy.


Timelessly classic, floral essential oils tend toward subtle and sweet scents, with a fragrant nod to the outdoors.

Essential oils such as amber have brown and woody scents that can create a sense of depth and warmth.

The strong, spicy aroma of these essential oils provide an intense aroma profile often associated with coziness and nostalgia.

Essential oils with medicinal notes offer aroma profiles associated with focusing, calming, and clearing effects in aromatherapy.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Combining essential oils with our range of aroma chemicals offers an opportunity to reduce your costs without compromising on quality. Our experienced research and development team are available to help you achieve your goals within the confines of your budget, while maintaining the integrity of your finished product. 

Aroma Chemicals

Prinova is one of the world’s largest distributors of aroma chemicals. Speak to our experts about creating a tailored blend of natural and synthetic aromatic chemicals for your application.