HydroBond CBD™


Transform Your Product with Water-Soluble CBD

Highly soluble, fully traceable, and clean tasting, HydroBond CBD™is a premium CBD ingredient created through Prinova’s proprietary in-house process. This formulation-ready ingredient is available as a powder or a water-soluble liquid.


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a spoon of powder being added to a glass of water

HydroBond CBD™ Water-Soluble Powder 20%

Readily dispersible in liquid, HydroBond CBD Water Soluble Powder provides a gentle mineral water flavor and a clear-white color.

chart showing minimum 20% CBD, 80% Acacia Gum
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HydroBond CBD™ Water-Soluble Liquid 5%

HydroBond CBD Water Soluble Liquid blends in with whatever you add it to—no flavor or color masking needed.

chart showing minimum 5% CBD, 95% Prinova nano-emulsion system

Six simple reason to choose HydroBond CBD™



Clean Taste & Odor
Clean Taste & Odor
HydroBond CBD™ lacks strong flavor or smell compared to more herbaceous CBD extracts.
Clear Traceability
Clear Traceability
Hydrobond CBD™ is made from raw materials produced by Open Book Extracts, providing total traceability.
Superb Solubility
Superb Solubility
As a liquid, HydroBond CBD™ is 100% soluble. And as a powder, it’s 100% dispersible.
Fast Absorption
Fast Absorption
Our proprietary process forms CBD particles significantly smaller than particles in CBD oil.
HydroBond CBD™ is guaranteed .03% THC, showing as undetectable in Certificates of Analysis (COA).
Trusted Quality
Trusted Quality
We produce HydroBond CBD™ in a cGMP Food Grade facility.

HydroBond CBD™ Minor Cannabinoids




logo for HydroBond™ CBC Water Soluble Powder 20%


This minor cannabinoid offers properties that fit within categories related to inflammation and pain sensitivity.

logo for HydroBond™ CBG Water Soluble Powder 20%

Acute Muscle Soreness

This particular phytocannabinoid offers properties that fit within categories such as aches, fatigue and tension.

logo for HydroBond™ CBN Water Soluble Powder 20%


This minor cannabinoid fits within the category of meditative tranquility and relaxation.

logo for HydroBond™ THCV Water Soluble Powder 20%

Metabolism Control

This minor cannabinoid offers an array of effects that fit within categories related to appetite and anxiety, among others.

Here’s how Hydrobond CBD™ fits your applications.




HydroBond CBD™ Liquid

Clean taste. No odor. 100% solubility.


HydroBond CBD™ Powder 

100% soluble. Clean label.


HydroBond CBD™ Powder or Liquid

Clean taste. No odor. Smaller CBD particles.


HydroBond CBD™ Powder

No odor. No hemp aftertaste. Clean label. Smaller CBD particles.