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Imagine what’s possible when you have an expert by your side every step of the way. Prinova is the experienced partner you need — from concept to completion. Backed by an immense product portfolio and deep technical expertise, our integrated solutions include:

An Expert by Your Side, Every Step of the Way

Vertically-Integrated Expertise and Service

Global  Ingredient Distributor 
Global  Ingredient Distributor 
Explore our broad portfolio of ingredients sourced from all around the world, plus unique branded ingredients that deliver the best in science-backed nutrition. With our world-leading positions in key product categories and strong, dependable supply chain, we provide exactly what you need, when you need it.  Our Network
Bringing Your Ideas to Life
Bringing Your Ideas to Life
Partner with Prinova to bring winning products to market faster than ever. We specialise in formulating for beverages, capsules, tablets, gummies, food applications, and full production of ready-to-mix (RTM) powders. Collaborate with our team to design a custom formulation that differentiates your brand. Product Development
Premix  Manufacturing 
Premix  Manufacturing 
Custom premixes and market-ready blends let you leverage our vertically-integrated capabilities and accelerate your speed to market. Whatever your product application, we will help you develop a premix formula that meets specifications and performs optimally throughout the processing and shelf-life of your product.  Premixes
Fast and Secure Sourcing
Fast and Secure Sourcing
We ensure agility and reliability in one of the industry's strongest supply chains through our deep relationships with producers in key areas like China and India. With over 35 inventory locations around the world and substantial buffer stocks, you can count on a continuous supply and just-in-time deliveries. Sourcing Expertise
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