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Enhance Your Products With High Purity Trehalose

Treha™ is a common natural carbohydrate found in all kinds of foods, such as mushrooms, soy beans and yeast.  Treha™ is produced by Hayashibara using proprietary enzyme technology from vegetable starch.

The Treha Difference

Treha™ has a unique structure that provides a multitude of functions in foods, including good – slow release – carbs, freshness, and pleasant texture. Add value to your product with benefits like:

  • Managing moisture in food
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Colour retention
  • Unique crispiness
  • Smooth creaminess
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Off-flavour masking
  • Odour Masking

Food Science for Appealing Food

Products made with Treha™ have added stability, palatability, and other important features of your end products. Processed fruits and vegetables can retain more natural colour, baked and crispy snacks can remain uniquely crunchy, and flavours themselves can be enhanced with citrus and other delicious combinations.

Create High Performing Food with Treha

Treha™ can be added into products for many different applications, including:

  • Inhibiting starch retrogradation in foods such as rice
  • Cryoprotectant in frozen foods
  • Microorganism protection
  • Ice crystal formation control in ice cream
  • Moisture binding in toppings and sauces
  • Maintaining texture in baked goods