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Taurine with Anticaking

Taurine with Anticaking



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Taurine with Anticaking

Taurine is used in many applications. In the pet food industry, especially in cat food production, it is an essential ingredient for preventing blindness in cats. Taurine is used both in energy drinks and in nutritional supplements mainly for the fact that is supposed to regulate heartbeat and muscle contractions, water balance, energy levels and levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Taurine is also sold into the personal care industry where it has been suggested that it can help maintain skin hydration levels.
  • Available mesh sizes: Standard
  • White/Off White crystalline powder
  • Variants: With & Without Anticaking Agent
  • Soluble in Water

Product Specification

Product Specification
Package Type 25 Kg cartons
CAS Number 107-35-7
Market Applications Animal Nutrition, Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, Infant & Early Life, Flavour & Fragrance, Personal Care, Food, Beverage
Health Benefits Cognitive, Hair, Skin & Nail, Immunity Support, Pre, Intra, Post Workout, Vision Support, Vegan, Weight Management
Alternative Names Taurine,Taurine with AC