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Get a Taste of Quality Maltose

Sunmalt™ is a high purity maltose, which is a disaccharide consisting of two uniquely bonded glucose molecules. Produced by the enzymatic processing of starch, Sunmalt™ has processing characteristics similar to sucrose. Maltose is a natural carbohydrate commonly found in honey, fruit, and vegetables, adding clean label appeal to your products.

Enhance User Experiences with Sunmalt

  • Produced by enzymic processing of starch
  • Retains and reduces oil separation in high fat foods
  • Low melting point, suitable for pie glazes or binding toppings
  • Good flowability and hygroscopicity for direct tabletting as a filler



Food Science for Appealing Food

Products using Sunmalt™ can benefit from added stability, palatability, and other important features of your end products. Make food last longer with reduced starch retrogradation, ferment natural carbohydrates for brewing and culture media, or reduce the sweetness of a product with Sunmalt™ as an alternative to sugar.

Enhance Your Products with Sunmalt

Sunmalt™ has many uses across different foods and supplements, giving you the flexibility you need to meet nutritional demands with quality, stability, and palatability in mind.

  • Tablet filler
  • Freeze thaw stabilisation
  • Emulsion stability
  • Glazing
  • Fermentation
  • Culture media