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Pullulan Food Grade

Pullulan Food Grade



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Naturally Sourced Pullulan

Produced by Hayashibara, the world’s largest pullulan manufacturer since 1974, Pullulan is a naturally produced polusaccharide derived from vegetable microorganisms. Along with natural label appeal, it is water soluble, highly stable, odourless, and tasteless. When mixed with other ingredients, it produces lubrication, adhesion, solidifying, adherent, binding, coating, molding, and film forming properties.

Enhance Your Products with Hayashibara Pullulan

Pullulan has many uses across different foods and supplements, giving you the flexibility you need to meet nutritional demands with quality, stability, and palatability in mind. Applications include:

  • Shake and meal replacement 
  • Plant-based nutrition blends 
  • Mass gainers 
  • Keto products 
  • Functional foods including protein bars