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Powering the Difference

An Informed Ingredient, enduracarb® trehalose is a carbohydrate designed to fuel muscles over long periods of time.

Providing a strong energy source, enduracarb® trehalose consists of two glucose molecules. It doesn't contain any fructose molecules. It is a slow-acting ‘double sugar’ and has been shown to outperform other carbohydrate sources during extended periods of intense exercise.

Key Benefits

Reduces Insulin Spikes

Clinical research shows maximum insulin response after consuming enduracarb® results in greater blood glucose stability.

Enhances Performance

In prolonged exercise comprised of ultra-high-intensity intermittent workouts, total mean power output was significantly high.

Masks Bitterness

enduracarb® covers up the bitterness of other ingredients, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and sweeteners.

Combats Dehydration

enduracarb® is transported from the stomach more rapidly than both glucose and maltose, demonstrating its ability to help athletes maintain water absorption.

Effectively Uses Fat for Fuel

enduracarb® resulted in high lipid utilisation in tests involving 60-minute exercise.

Provides Stabilisation Properties

enduracarb® showed exceptional stabilisation results against moisture absorption and discoloration in lab tests.

enduracarb®: A Science-Backed Trehalose Ingredient For Athletic Endurance

enduracarb®: A Science-Backed Trehalose Ingredient For Athletic Endurance

enduracarb® is a trehalose ingredient developed by the Japanese food and beverage manufacturing company, Hayashibara. Request our whitepaper to learn more about enduracarb®, including:

  • Its impact on athletic performance
  • Its benefits such as taste and stabilisation
  • Current fitness trends it can help elevate

Fueling Your Endurance Performance

enduracarb® trehalose was developed using Hayashibara’s high-purity production process and is now considered to be one of the world’s leading brands for trehalose. Emerging as the fuel of choice for endurance, enduracarb® trehalose is a science-backed, slow-acting carbohydrate that can power athletes’ performances when they need it most.