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Multi-Enzyme Complexes for Healthy Digestion

DigeZyme® breaks down complex food molecules like carbs, fats, fibre, and protein into smaller and simpler fundamental blocks. As a result, food becomes easier to digest and absorb the nutrients from.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Products with DigeZyme®

  • Facilitate better digestion & absorption of nutrients with carefully calculated proportions of different digestive enzymes.
  • Break down protein molecules into simpler amino acids, which aids in the increase of muscle protein synthesis rate.
  • Potentially reduce toxicity created by poor digestion.
  • Gain maximum nutrition from fast-acting ingredients like whey protein in a short time due to effective digestion.

The Science Behind DigeZyme®

DigeZyme® contains enzymes amylase, cellulase, lipase, protease, and lactase to help break down carbohydrates, cellulose, protein, lactose, and other compounds found in food. This process helps improve fat utilization, ultimately supporting healthy gallbladder and immune functions.

In a 5-day pilot study, relative bioavailability of micronutrients like Vitamin C and B-carotine in the presense of BioPerine® plus DigeZyme®, or DigeZyme® alone was evaluated in healthy volunteers. This study provided sufficient data to show that DigeZyme® enhances the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

In another study, DigeZyme® showed decreased pain associated with post-exercise recovery.

Add Value to your Products with the Potency of DigeZyme®

DigeZyme® provides high-performing digestive enzymes that can easily be used in different types of applications to provide nutrition, relief, and healthy digestion in your end product. Applications include:

Tablets and Capsules

Powder Blends


Functional Gummies

Digestive Enzyme Supplements