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Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10



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Coenzyme Q10

A naturally occurring nutrient found in the body and also a number of different foods. The body uses CoQ10 for growth and maintenance of cells. Also as an antioxidant it protects cells from getting damaged and has a role with the metabolism. The main applications are supplements and cosmetics, mainly skin creams.
  • Yellow to orange crystalline powder
  • Starting Material: Bacteria
  • Processing Method: Fermentation
  • Soluble in ether and acetone

Product Specification

Product Specification
Package Type 5 Kg tins
CAS Number 303-98-0
Market Applications Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, Personal Care
Health Benefits Hair, Skin & Nail, Immunity Support, Vision Support, Vegan
Alternative Names Ubiquinone, CoQ10