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Clean Cream

Clean Cream



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Clean Label Vegan Cream Powder

Clean Cream® is a clean label, highly soluble, plant-based vegan cream powder that adds a natural, rich taste and creamy texture to protein and meal replacement shakes, protein bars, baking mixes, soups, and sauces. Clean Cream® contains monounsaturated fatty acids, such as high oleic sunflower oil, that may help protect your heart by maintaining levels of good HDL cholesterol. Clean Cream® improves off notes, such as gritty or earthy plant proteins, and offers a dairy-like taste and fatty mouth feel.

Ideal for Vegan Proteins

Benefits of Clean Cream® include:

Supports HDL Cholesterol



Sugar Free

Vegan Friendly

Keto Friendly

Product Applications

Clean Cream® is used in:


Coffee Creamers

Keto Products

Soups and Sauces

Bakery Products