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Clean, Sustained Carbohydrate Energy

Carb10® prebiotic properties contribute to a healthy gut microbiome, while low osmolality enables it to speed through the stomach to reduce bloating. With minor shaking, Carb10® dissolves in water, making it easy to incorporate into edible products.

Supports Blood Sugar Stability

When compared to Maltodextrin, Carb10® shows lower blood glucose and insulin response, and faster gastric emptying.




Source of Clean Energy

Carb10® is perfectly suited to the physical demands of dedicated athletes, busy professionals, and weight conscious individuals. Benefits include:

  • Minimal blood-sugar and insulin response
  • Fast gastric emptying for reduced bloating
  • Low osmolality
  • Prebiotic effects 
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Resistant starch
  • Keto-friendly

Numerous Product Applications

Carb10® is suitable for many applications, including:

Shake and Meal Replacement

Plant-based Nutrition Blends

Mass Gainers


Functional Foods Including Protein Bars