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Aquamin Soluble

Aquamin Soluble



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Nutritious Natural Mineral Solutions

Aquamin Soluble is natural mineral source derived from calcareous marine algae (Lithothamnion sp.) that has been treated with organic acids in order to render it water soluble. With a calcium content minimum 12%, it is a highly bioavailable source of 72 minerals. Aquamin Soluble is recommended for use in beverage applications such as low pH (pH 3.0-6.0) beverages, isotonic drinks, still and carbonated beverages and powder mixes.

What Makes Aquamin Calcium Stand Out

A uniquely porous, honeycombed cell structure gives Aquamin calcium many significant advantages over regular grades of calcium. Other than washing and milling, Aquamin calcium is unaltered from raw material found in the North Atlantic seabed off the Icelandic coast and can be considered 100 percent plant-based, clean label, and sustainably sourced.

Peer-Reviewed in Scientific Publications 40 Times

In studies, Aquamin has shown to have superior bioavailability over other, commonly available calcium sources. The benefits of Aquamin include bone, digestive, and cardiovascular health, as well as reduced inflammation, specifically with osteoarthritic conditions.