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Aquamin AG

Aquamin AG



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Building Nutrition with Marine Minerals

Aquamin AG is produced from a natural mineral source (Lithothamnion sp.) that is dispersible in colloidal suspensions. With a calcium content minimum 30 percent, it is a highly bioavailable source of 72 minerals. Aquamin AG is stable in neutral or alkali products, making it ideal for the fortification of plant-based beverages and yoghurts.

The Aquamin Advantage

Thanks to its uniquely porous, honeycombed cell structure, Aquamin AG has several significant advantages over regular grades of calcium. Unaltered from raw material found in the North Atlantic seabed off the Icelandic coast, Aquamin AG is 100 percent plant-based, clean label, and sustainably sourced.

Peer-Reviewed by More Than 40 Scientific Publications

Aquamin has demonstrably superior bioavailability over other commonly available calcium sources. Its benefits include bone, digestive, and cardiovascular health, as well as reduced inflammation, specifically for osteoarthritic conditions.