Prinova to Distribute Compound Solutions Ingredients in Europe

June 3,  2021

Prinova is to become the exclusive European distributor of Compound Solutions’ main ingredients. It will distribute and market seven of the US nutraceutical company’s products, including best-selling postbiotic CoreBiome® and new gut health solution, GoBIOME.


Compound Solutions specialises in patented nutraceutical ingredients for health and performance. Its range includes two unique products which meet the growing demand for ingredients for the microbiome:


CoreBiome® – Best-selling patented probiotic


Tributyrin is the most bioavailable form of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid which helps maintain the intestinal lining and protect the body from harmful bacteria. Postbiotic product CoreBiome® is the only patented tributyrin in the world supported by clinical data demonstrating that it reaches the colon. It is also the first short-chain fatty acid to combine bioavailability in the colon with low odour.

Matt Titlow, CEO of Compound Solutions, said, “CoreBiome®  is highly bioavailable in the colon and nourishes the whole gut. It works quickly. It also and offers low odour, making it commercially viable for a wide range of market applications. The combination of these benefits has resulted in skyrocketing allowed sales to boom, making CoreBiome®  one of the world’s best-selling postbiotics.”

CoreBiome® is available in two dosage forms – granules for encapsulation and liquid for softgels, liquid caps, duocaps and combocaps.

GoBIOME™– SCTs and MCTs together in a prebiotic-postbiotic powder


Short-chain triglycerides (SCTs) help protect the gut barrier, while medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) offer benefits for both metabolic and cognitive health. New prebiotic-postbiotic powder GoBIOME™  is patent-pending and the first product of its kind to offer the benefits of both SCTs (sourced from CoreBiome)® with MCTs (from coconut). It combines them in a prebiotic-postbiotic powder which offers benefits for the gut-brain and gut-skin axes and is ideal for fibre and collagen applications as well as functional coffees and more. It is also perfect for consumers on keto diets.


Tony Gay, Chief Technician of Nutrition at Prinova Europe, said: “Compound Solutions offers a wide range of innovative nutraceutical ingredients with huge consumer appeal and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to partner with them. With awareness of the importance of the microbiome at an all-time high, we’re particularly excited to be making these new digestive health solutions available to consumers in Europe.”

Matt Titlow, CEO of Compound Solutions, said added: “We were looking for a proactive and innovative distribution partner in Europe. Prinova has decades of supply chain expertise, deep product development and formulation capability, and an unrivalled global distribution network, all of which made it the clear choice. Like us, Prinova has a commitment to science-backed ingredients that help its clients succeed. We’re looking forward to a productive partnership.”


Prinova Europe will also distribute five other Compound Solutions products. goFAT™ is a range of low-carbohydrate fat powders with options based on conjugated linoleic acid, coconut, and olive oil.  They can promote feelings of satiety, help maintain blood sugar in already healthy ranges, and improve taste and texture in functional foods.

Also included in the agreement are goMCT™, a healthy fat product that optimises ketone production, and goCOCOA™ a proprietary, low-carbohydrate, high-fat cocoa butter powder which adds chocolate flavour and creamy texture to supplements and functional foods. Prinova Europe will also distribute vegan-friendly creamer Clean Cream™ and healthy low-glycaemic carbohydrate Carb10®.


About Prinova Europe

Prinova is a leading supplier of ingredients which, through an extensive global network, is uniquely positioned to meet market demands. A range of integrated premix manufacturing solutions for all food, beverage, and nutrition industries is available from its strategically based facilities in the UK, the USA, and China. Its expertise in concepts, formulation, liquid and dry mix manufacturing is supported by over 40 years’ experience in sourcing and distribution. Prinova is a leader in categories including vitamins, proteins and amino acids, sweeteners, preservatives, and aroma chemicals.



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