Plant-Based Protein Powder Development for Innovative Products

With the help of Prinova’s formulation experts, this brand was able to create a breakthrough product that reached a superior level of nutrition and sensory experience among plant-based proteins.


Challenge: A Plant-Based Alternative to Whey

Consumer demand for plant-based products is increasing, driven both by potential health and wellness benefits as well as environmental and ethical concerns. However, creating plant-based alternatives to whey protein-based solutions can be tricky. 

One brand recognised a problem existed with plant-based protein powder development: Though they used plant-based ingredients, they didn’t achieve the same nutritional profile as whey-based products.  

As such, there existed a clear market opportunity to create a plant-based protein RTM powder product that delivered a similar nutritional profile to a whey-protein based product, and also a similar mouthfeel and neutral flavour.  

To achieve these goals, the brand chose to rely on Prinova’s deep understanding of organic plant proteins and formulation expertise.

Solution: A Formula to Be Proud Of

With many years of experience applying these popular ingredients in sports and lifestyle nutrition, the Prinova team knew exactly how to develop a customised blend that would meet the customer’s requirements.  


By combining several plant proteins together, the formula provided the optimum amino acid and nutritional profile, resulting in a protein powder that had a top-tier protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1.  


Plant proteins commonly present a number of challenges, including strong flavours and gritty textures. To address these issues, Prinova sourced a combination of natural ingredients to provide a dairy-like mouthfeel and natural taste, without using any dairy- or animal-derived ingredients.

Results: A Cut Above the Competition

These efforts resulted in a great tasting, nutritionally superior finished product that stood out from competitors in the market. 


By achieving the desirable plant-based label claim, and with a higher standard of nutrition and sensory experience than typical plant-based protein powders, this unique product resonated strongly with consumers and was a big win for the brand. 

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