Partnering for Business Growth

Fast Formulation for Functional Gummies

When a leading gummies manufacturer needed a reliable and fast-acting supply partner, Prinova came to the rescue to help them seize new business opportunities with complete confidence.


Finding a Strong Partner with Speed to Market

New consumer trends can emerge overnight, which makes it crucial for brands to respond quickly — especially in the fast-paced world of sports and lifestyle. So, when a leading gummies manufacturer realised that they were missing opportunities because of a poorly equipped nutritional blend supplier, they knew it was time to make a change.  


But they needed more than just a supplier. They needed a partner that could reliably deliver fast formulations for functional gummies with technical finesse, offer support and guidance with strong ingredient sourcing capabilities, and keep up with demanding regulatory requirements.  


Prinova’s agility, extensive industry experience, deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, and strong foundation in ingredients distribution made the partnership a perfect fit.


Quick, Confident Gummy Formulation

Fast formulation guidance and sampling were essential to help the manufacturer achieve their goals. Fortunately, Prinova’s technical application experts were up to the task, from sourcing customer-specific ingredients to optimising dose rates.   


The Prinova team quickly developed an efficient and tailored development process with rapid sample service and cost indications, which enabled the manufacturer to tender on high volumes of product bids. 


Even when pursuing a range of products and dozens of blends, the Prinova team was able to quickly deliver formulations and pricing. And no matter where the end product would be sold, the manufacturer was completely confident that Prinova’s formulas would meet regulatory requirements and label claims.


Seizing New Opportunities

With agile formulation development and ingredient sourcing from Prinova, the manufacturer has been able to rapidly tender for new gummy opportunities ahead of the competition. Now, they’ve won business with leading pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement brands using their Prinova-developed gummy blends — resulting in significant business growth.  


The CEO of the company remarked, “We appreciate the continuous effort of the team at Prinova to respond quickly to our requests, enabling us to give our customers the service needed in the development phase.”

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