Competitive Water-Clear Beverage Formulations

Prinova leveraged technical expertise, a diverse supply network, and micronisation to solve a beverage brand’s struggle to find a vitamin premix that provided a water-clear solution.

Challenge: Finding A Clear Solution for Vitamin Premixes

When consumers purchase lifestyle nutrition and wellness beverages, they expect a refreshing, nutritionally optimised drink with clean visual appeal. So when one beverage brand continued to battle solubility problems with a vitamin premix, it turned to Prinova for help. The product was not water-clear, and the brand’s ability to successfully meet consumer expectations and reflect current beverage trends was in jeopardy.  


Could Prinova step in and help solve the premix problem?


Solution: Deciphering Particle Size Distribution

The Prinova technical team took on the challenge by setting up a rigorous and extensive quality assurance testing program. Prinova experts reviewed a range of factors, including ingredient quality, premix composition, particle sizes, and processing conditions. Ultimately, the team detected poor solubility in two premix micronutrients.  


The solution to the problem was two-fold. For the first ingredient, Prinova leveraged its vast supply network to source a new, more shelf-stable option with better solubility. For the second ingredient, the team used  Prinova’s extensive micronisation services. After refining the mineral into a much smaller particle size, the beverage formulation yielded not only improved solubility, but also enhanced mouth-feel.


Results: Competitive Water-Clear Vitamin Premixes

Prinova provided multiple options for solving the client’s premix problem. Thanks to Prinova’s technical expertise, diverse supply network, and ingredient services, this brand now offers an enticing, water-clear beverage formulation.

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