Expert Functional Gummy Formulation

Design & Develop On-Trend Functional Gummies

As an ingredient distributor and premix manufacturer, we’re equipped to help you create functional gummy supplements. Gummies are booming as many consumers prefer this convenient, easy-to-consume, and great-tasting delivery system over capsules and tablets. With decades of scientific expertise and a seamless global supply chain of high-quality ingredients, we support you throughout the process of product development — from ideation to commercialisation. Our proven ingredients, vertical integration, transparent formulas, and market knowledge empower you to design great functional gummies. 

Partner with us to create gummy formulas for trending categories, including:

  • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

  • Energy 

  • Nootropic Supplements / Gamer & eSports

  • Eye Health 

  • Stress Reduction/ Relaxation/ Adaptogens

  • Beauty, Hair, Skin & Nails 

  • Joint & Bone Health 

  • Digestive Health 

  • Immunity

  • Conception & Pregnancy Support 

  • Weight Loss

  • Vegan

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Concept Development

Leverage our expertise to refine and launch your next big idea quickly and easily. With strategic market insight, we conduct gap analyses on your product line to help you create a distinctive, innovative offering — whether it be an individual product or a fully extended line. We'll work with you to design an on-trend formula that’s positioned for strong market performance. Distinguish your product even further among competitors by adding our powerful branded ingredients to your customised formula. Our process prioritises cost viability so you can choose a path to success that fits your budget. 

Expert Formulation

Our in-house micronutrient experts have more than 40 years of experience creating successful formulas for our customers. Using the highest-quality ingredients, including vegan options, we’ll create a formula that functions optimally in processing and delivers great performance. Our extensive industry knowledge, robust supply chain, and transparent formulas will ensure your product lives up to label claims and meets regulatory standards.

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Sensory Evaluation

The appearance, texture, and taste of your gummy product will evoke the desired sensory experience for your customers. We work in conjunction with third-party manufacturing partners to deliver quick turnaround in the development stage and make final adjustments to the formula. 

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Production & Commercialisation

As you transition to production with your third-party manufacturer, we provide support and guidance to ensure your product is manufactured according to the correct specifications and highest quality standards. Our fast sample-turnaround times support small-batch production trials and raw material position, so you can accelerate your speed-to-market. With long-term, fixed pricing, you’ll be protected against market volatility.  

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