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With our global inventory locations, portfolio of more than 2,000 ingredients, and innovative product development house, we create beverage products with supply chain optimisation in mind. Our team of specialists stays on top of current trends and will provide you with insights to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Concept Development

Collaborate with us to create your next innovative product concept. Relying on our decades of experience in the beverage industry and deep understanding of the market, we conduct a gap analysis on your product line, make product-line-extension suggestions, and help with overall product positioning. Differentiate your products with our branded ingredients and on-trend formulations. We work with you from the start to determine cost viability and offer tiered ingredient options.


Beverage product categories include:

  • Energy Blends / Functional Ingredients

  • Nootropics & eSports / Gamer

  • Stress Reduction / Relaxation / Adaptogens

  • Pre-Workouts

  • Recovery

  • Functional Waters

  • Fortified Juices

  • Superfoods & Smoothies

Beverage Formulation

Backed by over 40 years of experience, our leading micronutrient experts transform product concepts into formulas that function optimally in commercial processing environments, meet shelf-life requirements, and taste great. We formulate around overages and other processing parameters to give you the utmost confidence in your functional label claims. Using only the finest ingredients, we ensure that you get the highest-quality beverage formulation — provided with full transparency.

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Specialised Sensory Evaluation

At Prinova, we specialise in formulating products that evoke the sensory experience your customers seek. We overcome flavouring challenges using masking agents and bitter blockers and work closely with you to develop sweetener blends, enhance mouthfeel, and refine your formula to precision.

Production & Commercialisation Support

We support you in production and commercialisation to ensure your product is manufactured according to the highest-quality standards and your exact specifications. Fast turnaround times and small batches allow us to facilitate production trials, and long-term, fixed pricing guarantees protection from market volatility. We also assist third-party manufacturers to confirm that your needs are met.

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