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Ingredient Spray Drying

Rapid drying of liquid formulations for free-flowing powders or premixes

Spray-dried ingredients that give consumers locked-in nutrients and an enhanced sensory experience.

Prinova’s versatile ingredient spray drying technology is a fast, single-step process that converts liquid formulas into fine, dry particles. While providing increased shelf-life stability and easier handling, transportation, and storage options, spray drying also allows you to produce free-flowing powders and premixes at scale. 


Additionally, this technique allows your final product to retain all its essential qualities. As a result, your customers can enjoy a convenient, long-life range of food, beverages, and nutritional products.


By choosing Prinova as your long-term ingredient spray drying partner, you can take advantage of our advanced systems, precision engineering, and global capabilities to suit the properties of your finished product.


The spray-drying process

Ingredient spray drying is a fast-acting technique in the nutrition, food, and beverage industries. The atomisation process transforms liquid formulas with active ingredients into fine droplets through a spray nozzle. At this point, they're exposed to specific temperatures and hot air pressure and ultimately dried.


Consequently, the process creates a stable and rapidly dispersible powder that protects all the vital characteristics and essential nutrients, flavours, or aromas used in various products, from infant and early-life formulas and dietary supplements to nutrition powders and functional food ingredients. 


Prinova’s precision is essential in arriving at a free-flowing and consistent particle size with the product quality and effectiveness your customers deserve, from closed or open-loop drying systems to high-capacity or small-batch processes.

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Application benefits of spray drying

In light of this technique's versatility, the spray drying benefits are important for a range of industries. Together with extended shelf life and improved product stability, this process continues to raise the bar in custom product formulations for enhanced solubility, improved sensory experience, and convenience for consumers.


This method is essential to ensuring powder ingredients can be added to a range of food and beverage products. After all, spray drying can preserve nutritional integrity without compromise to product smell, taste, or texture, enhancing functional food ingredients.

Infant and early-life

Spray drying preserves essential nutrients, vitamins, and derivatives for infant and early-life formula. To this end, the process creates powdered ingredients that maintain nutritional value, meeting the high standards required for reliable and efficient infant or early-life nutrition.

Sports and nutrition

Additionally, spray drying enhances product development for premixes and powdered supplements, shakes, and smoothies in the sports sector. Therefore, the spray-dried formula offers enhanced bioavailability, preserving essential vitamins, proteins, and nutrients for optimal performance and recovery.

Related ingredient categories

With our knowledge, expertise, and industry position in ingredient distribution, we can help you create the perfect powder blend to meet your requirements. As fluid bed agglomeration experts, our gobal capabilities extend to various high-quality ingredients and ingredient categories. Therefore, we can help your product address specific challenges to enhance the overall functionality and characteristics of your powdered materials.

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