Particle Technologies

Advanced micronisation, agglomeration, and encapsulation for increased product performance and effectiveness

Innovative product improvement

Being a global industry leader, Prinova is renowned for its functional ingredient distribution and manufacturing solutions. These include our unparalleled in-house technical expertise in advanced particle technologies and engineering services for food and beverage products. 


Our innovative micronisation, fluid bed agglomeration, encapsulation, and spray-drying capabilities will quickly deliver the benefits you and your customers need. Whether you require increased shelf-life, improved dispersibility, or taste and odor masking, we can transform your product.


With precision at every step, you can trust Prinova to deliver the excellence your product deserves.

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Our focus areas

Prinova focuses on four key areas within particle technology and engineering. Together with our technical knowledge and ingredient expertise, we take your product through a scientific and technological transformation, with each process delivering a range of benefits to improve your product without compromise.


Unlock superior performance with our precision micronisation process. We reduce your formula to ultra-fine particles with consistent mesh sizes, ensuring optimal performance in your final product. This advanced technique creates uniform, uncompromised ingredients with a tight particle size distribution, maximizing their effectiveness and functionality. 

Fluid bed agglomeration

Transform your fine ingredients into free-flowing granules with our precise fluid bed agglomeration process. This technology binds particles for optimal size and stability, ensuring smooth handling and efficient processing in your application. Our custom blending expertise further enhances dispersibility and stability, taking your product to the next level of performance and efficiency.


Protect your product's vital ingredients with our advanced encapsulation process. This technology encases your active ingredients in a precise, protective coating, ensuring enhanced stability and targeted, controlled release every time. Our precision powder technology further guarantees consistent particle size and distribution, maximizing functionality and performance.

Spray drying

Our state-of-the-art facilities harness cutting-edge spray drying technology to transform your liquid formulations into ultra-fine, free-flowing powders at an exceptional rate. This process utilises precise atomisation and rapid drying, ensuring uniform particle size and preserving the integrity of even the most sensitive ingredients.

The benefits of Prinova particle technology

Our innovation and expertise in particle technology mean we can significantly impact your product. Across extensive micronisation, fluid bed agglomeration, encapsulation, and spray drying capabilities, we can help unlock plenty of product benefits for you and your customers. In the long run, we can help you realise more possibilities for your formula across a range of health and lifestyle applications.

Premixes and blends

Through advanced micronisation, we can increase the dispersibility properties of your ingredients while improving their bioavailability and time-release potential. Finer particles create a smooth blend and an enhanced flavour, taste, and mouthfeel for nutritional blends, infant and early-life formula, and staple food fortification.

Ingredient bioavailability

The encapsulation process offers formulation flexibility to improve the stability and shelf-life of capsules or tablets. Besides providing active ingredients protection from the environmental challenges of heat, stomach acids, and other incompatible ingredients, encapsulation allows easy consumption for the targeted and controlled release of ingredients. Additional flavour and odour masking also improve palatability.

Foods and pharmaceuticals

Spray drying is the most effective way to convert liquid formulations into dry powders, streamlining production and increasing efficiency. A cost-effective process, spray drying brings versatility and improved solubility while maintaining effective bioactivity. Because spray drying can be used across diverse applications, it gives customers the benefit of product consistency, convenience, and extended shelf life.

Particle technology case studies

Read some of our case studies that showcase the transformative impact of all our in-house particle technology capabilities. Straightaway, these will offer you insight into how our processes impact formulations. Above all, they show how Prinova can deliver innovation, stability, and enhanced performance across different applications and sectors.

Particle technology expertise

For advanced particle technology and engineering, Prinova can meet your needs with innovation and precision. With state-of-the-art machinery for all micronisation, fluid bed agglomeration, microencapsulation, and spray drying processes, this gives you the cost-effective flexibility and scalability you need.


Our expert team can help finesse your ingredient blends for the products you and your customers need, ensuring the highest quality. From concept to completion, we provide custom formulas, repackaging, sifting, and metal detection and removal for pharmaceuticals, food, nutrition, and beyond. 


With this level of expertise, partnering with Prinova is the global partner you need for product performance at every stage.

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Lakeshore Technologies acquisition

Particle technology and engineering play a leading role in Prinova’s manufacturing solutions offering. It’s a domain where we have significant industry-leading expertise. To create additional capacity for our customers in these areas, Prinova acquired Lakeshore Technologies, an external contract manufacturer, in December 2021.

A journey of growth

Founded in 1997, Lakeshore Technologies started as a small start-up operation. With continued growth over the next 20 years, Lakeshore provided various toll processing services, including micronising, blending, repackaging, sifting, and metal detection and removal, from their 75,000 sq ft facility.


This growth and experience saw Lakeshore partner with some of the largest companies in the food, pharmaceutical, and nutritional industries.


Trusted certifications

In 2011, the company received an FSSC 22000 Certification in alignment with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). By gaining this certification, customers can trust that their materials are processed following a strict food safety management system. 


The acquisition brings a full complement of particle technology equipment and expertise in-house. Of course, this adds to Prinova’s capabilities and helps our customers reduce costs and the need for capital investments.


Other Prinova services

Explore the diverse range of Prinova's offerings beyond particle technology and engineering. Our other specialised services give you the dedicated expertise and experience you need from a single-source partner to support you and your product from start to finish.

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