Custom nutrient premixes

High-quality ingredients blended your way, to create the product you want

No one knows the product you want to make better than you, but Prinova can help you with customised dry and liquid premixes that blend with the perfect mix of high-quality ingredients. By leaving the hard work to us, our team will use their knowledge and insight to create premixes and blends that meet your needs. 


Our dry and liquid premix manufacturing facilities mean your products are formulated for stability and temperature variations while masking off notes and odours. They’ll also contain precision excess or surplus to account for processing conditions and potential shelf-life loss. Therefore, Prinova gives your custom premixes global reach with our blend of applied skills and local market knowledge.

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Customised dry and liquid premixes and blending capabilities

At Prinova, our premix and blending capabilities go beyond standard dry and liquid premixes and custom vitamin blends. We can create specific custom blends with amino acids, fibres, flavours, herbs and botanicals, nucleotides, prebiotics, and sweeteners. Additionally, our blends can include caffeine, taurine, and glucuronolactone for energy drinks. As such, our product development team can create custom nutrient premixes designed for any application.

Powder nutrient premixes

With a broad range of quality vitamins and minerals, we prepare precise nutrients to meet your product's needs. Together with our insights into market trends and ingredient availability, you’ll confidently make informed and prudent business decisions and see your product thrive.

Liquid vitamin premixes

With decades of experience, we know what it takes to fortify your product with liquid vitamin premixes. As a result, we make vitamin A, D, and K solutions and have the expertise to blend many sensitive oil-based nutrients to keep them consistent and stable. From an oil-soluble vitamin or carotenoid blend to an Omega 3, 6, or 9, we can prepare all liquid nutrients to meet your needs.

Market-ready blends and premixes

Launching your next product has never been easier with our advanced all-in-one, market-ready blends. For example, the blends and nutrient premixes in our dry and liquid beverage applications align with the latest consumer trends. In addition, we can customise our base formulas to meet your needs and define your product, saving you time and money.

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Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Prinova’s primary concern is quality control for our customized dry and liquid premixes across every production stage. For that reason, our facilities are BRC-approved, and upon request, dry and liquid premix and custom vitamin blends can be produced in our Informed Sport-certified and NSF International GMP-registered facility. Each process ensures the highest product compliance and consistently meets safety standards.


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Supply chain security

Without doubt, a secure supply chain is vital to manufacturing and business success. At Prinova, we understand the importance of a robust supply chain, and our relationships with key ingredient producers allow us to provide our customers with supply chain confidence. Subsequently, this level of security gives us access to ingredients on a global scale. Therefore, we can maintain our internal stocks to remain agile and meet demand without causing any negative impact. 


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More Prinova dry and liquid premix manufacturing services

Particle size enhancement

Optimise your product's performance with our range of specialist particle size enhancements. From agglomeration, encapsulation, and micronisation to spray drying, we can improve product quality, stability, and shelf life while lifting flavour and reducing odours. Therefore, all your products will have a strategic advantage.

Product fortification

Our customised dry and liquid premixes are developed to strengthen food and drink products with targeted nutrition. Because it’s these nutrients that help boost deficiencies and support a healthy body and way of life, from hair, skin, and nails to digestion, heart health, and cognitive health.

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