Customised amino acid blends

Taking your nutritional health product to the next level

Amino acids are a vital building block of life – helping the body to build protein, repair tissue, and rebuild muscle while boosting metabolism. So, whether you’re looking for standard blend ratios, alternative ratios, tableting grades, or micronised products, our customised amino acid blends will help take your nutritional health product to the next level.


Therefore, as the world’s largest supplier of custom amino acid blends for food, Prinova offers valuable market expertise and a competitive edge. In short, we can help strengthen your supply chains and improve your manufacturing efficiency.

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Prinova’s range of customised amino acid blends

Prinova offers a wide range of European-produced EAA and BCAA amino acid premixes. Covering powder and instantised blends, including vegetarian and vegan options, consumers of your product will get the essential amino acids they need to meet their health goals.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

Maximising your product with the right ratios of EAAs can improve muscle health while increasing metabolism. However, because the body can’t produce EAAs, our EAA blends contain leucine, isoleucine, valine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and tryptophan to keep organs in optimal condition.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Enhancing your product with BCAAs can promote muscle growth while boosting exercise performance and relieving tiredness after exercise. Our BCAA custom blends could also help towards calorie-controlled weight loss.

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Prinova leads the way in product quality, safety and compliance within the sports and lifestyle nutrition industry. As a result, we’re committed to providing the highest quality, food safety, and regulatory compliance in all custom-blended amino acid premixes. 


As a result, we challenge our ways of working to implement best-in-class distribution and manufacturing, including third-party accreditation under GFSi recognised schemes, LGC Informed Manufacturer, NSF GMP for Dietary Supplements, and NSF Athletic Banned Substances GMP.  


Find out what it takes for every Prinova product to meet the quality, safety, authenticity, and compliance you demand.

Supply chain security

We’re in a time when secure supply chains are more important than ever. However, our robust relationships with key amino acid producers ensure supply chain and contract price protection. This security allows us direct access to ingredients on a global scale, letting us maintain internal production stocks and remain agile, meeting demand with no impact on you.


Find out how our sourcing and supply chain expertise make us the perfect partner to grow your business.

Micronised amino acid blends for powdered drink formulas

Many of the world’s leading nutrition brands are already moving to micronised 200-mesh amino acids in their powdered drink formulas. Prinova offers a full range of micronised amino acid premix blends for your product to meet this growing demand.


Why use micronised amino acid premix? 


  • Improved active ingredients for better digestion 

  • Consistent recipe for a smooth mix 

  • Easier and faster to dissolve 

  • Finer particles for better water dispersion 

  • Available as individual or bespoke base blends

Granular blends for direct compression tableting

We offer many customised amino acid blends in powder form, with or without an HPMC binding agent. Direct drum-to-hopper tablet compression gives you the fastest and most effective way to produce your premix in tablet form.

Off-the-shelf amino acid blends

Off-the-shelf amino acids offer you a quick, easy, and convenient option for your product. Specifically available for use as is or with additional ingredients to create your custom blend, each is graded for final product performance and cost-effectiveness.

Global market intelligence

Thanks to Prinova’s global reach and local market knowledge, we’re perfectly placed to help you create your customised amino acid blends. With real-time insights into market trends and ingredient availability, we can help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Experience and technical expertise

Customise the perfect amino acid blend for your product using our experience and technical expertise. From overcoming flavour challenges to fine-tuning nutritional values, colour, aroma, and texture, our team can help develop your product.

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