Fast and flexible solutions to meet every flavour need of your product

Expert flavour selection to give your consumers a taste sensation

For flavour selection, nothing beats Prinova’s ongoing commitment to excellence in delivering flavours that pack a punch for your consumers. Whether you're looking for standard flavour favourites or want to revive your product with a whole new taste sensation, our team of flavour experts can make your products stand out in a crowded market. 


From concept to completion, as a global leader, we flavour with precision to take your brand's products where they need to be. As a result, you can experience the difference our expert custom flavour development brings to give your consumers an unforgettable sensory experience. Or how our expertise in fine-tuning your blends can match your needs across multiple applications. 


Together with our quality, innovation, and expertise, in Prinova, you have a trusted global partner in all areas of flavour manufacturing. What's more, you benefit from our comprehensive services, streamlined processes, and unrivalled expertise. In the long run, you'll keep your consumers coming back for more.


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When you choose Prinova as your single-source supplier, you open up a world of flavour possibilities. Talk to the team to find out more about our quality, innovation, and expertise and how we can help deliver the flavours you need.

Our flavouring capabilities

Speed, service, and incredible taste are the qualities our expert flavour team is known for. They also sum up why we’ve remained at the forefront of flavour trends in a variety of products. While we’re one of the world’s largest ingredient distributors and nutritional solution providers, our complete flavour manufacturing capabilities in the USA offer the expertise, flexibility, and personalised service of a boutique flavour house.

Flavour development

As global experts, solving challenges to create distinctive, signature flavour experiences is one of our strengths. Therefore, our global custom flavour development specialists can help you develop custom flavours that are on-trend and meet your unique specifications. Whether you’re looking for something fresh and bright or satisfyingly sweet, you can count on us to help you create a market-leading product.

Standard flavours

Get the flavours you need fast to keep up with consumer tastes and demands. We offer a growing library of high-quality, standard commercial flavours readily available off the shelf. Whether you need individual flavours or a complete flavour system, including natural and organic options, we have just what it takes to deliver the product you need. Of course, we select every standard flavour for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Flavour modification

For Prinova, no flavour challenge is impossible to overcome. So, if you’re looking for sweetness enhancing, flavour masking, or a bitter blocker to remove bitterness, the flavour modification possibilities are endless. Our global expertise in flavour selection and knowledge of masking and modulation ingredients will help create a high-quality and clean-tasting flavour profile every time.

Flavour applications

Prinova’s team of application specialists is dedicated to realising your vision. Whether you choose a standard flavour or need a custom flavour, their knowledge, experience, and dedication is invaluable. Together, they’ll deliver exceptional flavour solutions for a range of products, from beverages and confectionery to cereals, baked goods, and performance nutrition. 


To ensure your flavour fits seamlessly into your products, our flavour application experts will guide you through the best flavour forms and delivery systems to suit your application.

Flavour quality

As global leaders in flavour manufacturing, we follow the highest possible regional quality standards and regulations in our industry. Together with BRC-approved facilities, dedicated regulatory and quality assurance teams, rigorous in-house analysis and testing systems, and third-party certifications, our dedication to quality and product excellence means you can trust Prinova to deliver every time. 

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When you need expertise and experience in flavours, talk to us about how we can help you. Find out how we can work together to use our specialist flavour manufacturing capabilities to deliver exactly what you need.