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Quality Assurance

Sports and nutrition contract manufacturing to the highest quality standards

A commitment to quality assurance that exceeds expectations

At Prinova, we pride ourselves on implementing strict quality assurances throughout our entire manufacturing and production processes. Above all, our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that every product leaving our facilities meets the highest industry and food safety standards.


Our global contract manufacturing facilities are BRC Grade A, NSF, and GMP-Certified. Not only does this guarantee compliance, but also gives peace of mind over the quality and integrity of your product. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to these standards to deliver the safety, authenticity, and proven quality you expect.  


Additionally, our in-house experience and expertise sets us apart. Together with control over every aspect of production – from raw materials and ingredient sourcing to secure supply chains and full product development – we can oversee and enhance quality at every step to deliver superior results.


Unlike other contract manufacturers, our dedication to quality and producing premium sports and nutrition products makes us the preferred choice and long-term partner you can trust.


Unrivalled quality assurances

So, how does Prinova deliver the quality assurance you need? As your single-source partner for all sports nutrition and supplement contract manufacturing, our unrivalled expertise in key quality control areas defines us as a global leader. In other words, we ensure your products meet and exceed every standard and specification.

Vertical integration

Our seamless vertical integration ensures quality and consistency across your production process, from cost-driving raw materials and secure supply chains to product development and bespoke packaging. With this in mind, our proven integrated approach guarantees rapid lead times with the highest quality standards.

Supplier auditing

We believe in complete transparency in everything we do, starting with our direct supplier auditing processes. While we nurture and build a trusted relationship with our suppliers, we check and verify the reliability, provenance, and quality assurances of our ingredient portfolio and all raw material supplies. Additionally, our in-house routine lab testing and batch monitoring enhance this process.

Industry compliance

Our robust regulatory system is streamlined to stay ahead of compliance processes, offering peace of mind to our customers. As a result, all our contract manufacturing sites are BRC Grade A, NSF, and GMP-certified.

Manufacturing certifications

With state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading certifications, Prinova can handle the most demanding product requirements. Our manufacturing policies and procedures are verified internally and through third-party certifications, including Kosher, and BRC. 


Together with our national and international memberships for crucial quality and compliance associations, our commitment to quality, precision, and excellence is evident in every product we produce. Prinova are proud members of:

  • FAIA – Food Additives & Ingredients Association
  • BACS – British Association for Chemical Specialities
  • AFCA – Asociación de Fabricantes y Comercializadores de Aditivos
  • VDC – Vereinigung der am Drogen und Chemikalien (Association of Drugs & Chemicals)
  • FEFANA – European Feed Additives Manufacturers Association
  • PFMA – Pet Food Manufacturers Association
  • PFIAA – Pet Food Industry Association of Australia
  • BEOA – British Essential Oil Association 
  • IFEAT – International Federation of Essential Oils & Aroma Trades 
  • EFEO – European Federation of Essential Oils 
  • ESSNA – European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance
  • HFMA – Health Food Manufacturers' Association
  • BSDA – British Soft Drinks Association
  • ABCL – Australian Beverages Council Ltd 
  • INC – Infant Nutrition Council (Australia & New Zealand

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