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Complete product development from Prinova for your next product

The end-to-end formulation expertise you need to guide your product from conception to completion

When it comes to product development, Prinova stands out as your ideal long-term partner. With a commitment to transforming customer ideas into fully realised products, Prinova offers unparalleled technical knowledge and industry expertise. In brief, we guide concepts through the development process and seamlessly transition into manufacturing and product launch.


Backed by 40 years of experience, we understand the importance of precision and innovation in formulating products. As a result, we meet and exceed industry standards, consumer demands, and market trends. Additionally, our end-to-end expertise ensures that each stage of product development, from the precision formulations to the accuracy of flavour development, is handled with care and professionalism. 


What’s more, choosing Prinova isn’t just a business decision – it’s a strategic investment in the future of your brand. With us as your product development partner, you gain a collaborative equal who shares your passion for success.


Product development capabilities

Together with our contract manufacturing services, our product development capabilities offer an unrivalled opportunity. When helping you realise your product’s full potential, our experts take your product's success personally. With attention to detail and a holistic approach, we work with you from initial idea sessions to the final stages of manufacturing or any point in between.

End-to-end expertise

Prinova offers complete end-to-end expertise in all product development. Therefore, we can ensure a smooth transition from your idea or early prototype to a complete, market-ready product. Working alongside you, our development team will manage every process stage for an efficient and comprehensive outcome.

Formulation concepts

Whether for ready-to-mix (RTM) powders, premixes, capsules, or supplements, we prioritise precision and innovation. In light of crafting custom formulations, we evaluate and refine them at each stage, ensuring the sensory response for flavour, smell, taste, and texture meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Flavour development

While we specialise in custom flavour development for nutritional products, Prinova is a leading flavour manufacturer. We understand the latest trends and proactively create unique flavours around them to add a distinctive touch and give them the great taste your customers want. Our emphasis on taste and sensory experience sets us apart, delivering products that exceed expectations.

Branded ingredients

Together with our premium ingredient range, Prinova gives you access to high-quality branded ingredients from selected companies. As a result, this extended choice allows you to integrate specific nutrients, vitamins, or proteins into your product, enhancing its market appeal and customer value.

Transparent formulations

Prinova takes transparency seriously, especially in our custom formulations, and every customer is integral to the process. So, to provide clear insights into ingredient choices, advantages, and efficacy, we’re fully committed to openness and honesty throughout product development.

Enquire about product development

When you need expertise and experience, talk to us about how we can help with your product. Find out how we can work together to leverage our specialist product development capabilities to deliver the benefits you need.

Trends and insights

At Prinova, we know that today’s emerging consumer trends can inspire the great brands and products of tomorrow. Working with our partners, for the first time we’ve been able to detail trends within functional health, as identified by researchers and trends writers. Together with our technical expertise, we can anticipate shifts in consumer preferences, emerging trends, and advanced innovations, ensuring your products remain relevant and market-leading.

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Sports nutrition trends

Keep up with the latest in sports nutrition, an evolving sector with high consumer expectations. Our insights help your brand formulate products that meet the demands of this ambitious market.

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Market report

Explore industry details that are delivered straight to your inbox with Prinova’s dedicated Market Report. We look into the challenges and opportunities of the global supply chain environment, information on pricing and inventory, and in-depth market insights, focusing on what’s happening and when. Get all this and more from our comprehensive reports, guiding your brand towards strategic decisions that capitalise on the dynamic shifts within your market.

Other Prinova services

Prinova has over 40 years of trading experience, and alongside our expert product development capabilities, we help bring your product to market. Besides being your global single-source partner in all areas of contract manufacturing, our expertise and vertically integrated processes will bring added value and cost savings to your products across crucial areas.


Ingredients distribution
Ingredients distribution
We ensure you have access to premium and in-demand ingredients of the highest quality with complete global supply chain security and reliability. Learn More
Nutrient premixes
Nutrient premixes
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Market-ready blends
Market-ready blends
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Particle technologies
Particle technologies
The technical experience and ingredient expertise you need to deliver stable products through micronisation, fluid bed agglomeration, encapsulation, and spray drying. Learn More

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