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Powder RTM Contract Manufacturing

Precisely formulated and great-tasting custom RTM (ready-to-mix) powder supplements

Protein expertise to help your customers energise, perform, and recover

As an industry leader in powder RTM (ready-to-mix) contract manufacturing, Prinova focuses on building long-term relationships with every customer to bring the highest level of service, efficiency, and expertise to your powder supplement products. 


For businesses in the sports and nutrition marketplace, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition, embrace innovation, and deliver exceptional products to your consumers. In order to help you achieve this, Prinova will be your strategic global partner for unrivalled powder RTM contract manufacturing, ensuring you reach your product goals faster. 


Together with technical knowledge and experience in a diverse range of applications across various categories, our capabilities make us your first choice for trusted raw materials, custom ingredient sourcing, supply chain security, and complete powder ready-to-mix manufacturing.



As a powder RTM supplement contract manufacturer, our core services cover a diverse range of applications to ensure your product delivers the right level of health and nutrition – and stands out in a crowded market. Whether it's proteins that fuel recovery, pre-workout blends that boost performance, revitalising formulas that restore depleted nutrients, or nootropics to help improve cognitive function, Prinova helps your brand explore every possibility.


Develop premium nutrition products that deliver improved health and physical performance. Our expertise ensures precision, texture, and exceptional taste using the best in animal, plant, and dairy-based powder protein ingredients.


Fuel the workouts of your customers with dynamic pre-workout energy supplements manufactured by Prinova. Our powder RTM contract manufacturing services guarantee precise formulations, delivering sustained energy for optimal performance alongside exceptional stability and shelf-life.


Revitalise post-exercise routines with Prinova's powder RTM contract manufacturing for recovery blends. We create effective formulations that promote muscle repair and overall well-being so your customers recover faster and stronger.


Unlock and improve mental wellness with superior powders for a range of nootropics. Our expertise can help you produce effective supplements that enhance memory, focus, and overall cognitive performance for your customers.

EAA/BCAA blends

Optimise muscle health and support with our essential amino acid (EAA) and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) blends. Trust our precision in formulating these vital components, promoting muscle growth, performance, and recovery for your customers.

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Our manufacturing locations

Prinova offers you complete flexibility and scalability for your powder RTM contract manufacturing needs. With state-of-the-art sports nutrition and supplement contract manufacturing facilities, Prinova is one of the industry’s largest global contract manufacturers in terms of capacity and output. As a result, our complete vertical integration allows for a seamless process from start to finish, focusing on helping you develop and produce quality custom, high-quality nutritional and protein powders with speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Aylesford, United Kingdom

Our NSF and Informed Choice-accredited facility in Aylesford, UK is a dedicated powder blending and handling site of over 20,000 sq ft. Together with high-volume RTM powder contract manufacturing capabilities, we have packing options for pouches and tubs. Additionally, our team has the expertise you need in market trends and data alongside ingredient sourcing, flavouring, and blending.

Changzhou, China

With over 142,000 sq ft, our facility in Changzhou, China, delivers 4,000MT of high-quality custom RTM powders annually. Across four production lines, this level of dedicated contract manufacturing capacity allows for global product delivery with proven supply chain continuity.

Powder RTM packaging formats

Alongside our powder RTM contract manufacturing, to help customers in their product development, we can offer a variety of retail packaging options to help you meet the specific needs and demands of your target market. From canisters and flexible pouches to tubs and stick packs, you can package your nutritional powder products however needed.


Our premium canister designs offer a cost-effective and convenient option that will stand out on retail shelves while ensuring easy and accurate dosing with every scoop.


Versatile, easy-open pouch packaging comes in a range of size and volume options, providing on-the-go convenience for consumers without compromising product integrity.


Offering the greatest volume and content protection, tub packaging gives ample storage and user-friendly access while preserving the freshness of your RTM powders.

Stick packs

Convenient, nutritious stick packs offer precise dosing and easy portability. Therefore, this simple packaging ensures your RTM powders are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Other Prinova services

With a range of specialised services alongside our powder RTM contract manufacturing capabilities, Prinova gives you the exceptional knowledge and experience you need from a global single-source partner to support you and your product from start to finish.

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