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As a global leader in ingredient expertise, Prinova is at the forefront of specialised, multi-disciplined, end-to-end manufacturing solutions. Together with experience and a dedication to excellence, we offer unrivalled technical expertise with globally integrated capabilities designed to meet your needs. As a result, we help take your product from concept to completion.


While we pride ourselves in creating exceptional market-ready blends and custom nutrient premixes alongside expert flavour manufacturing, essential oil production, and advanced product development, what sets us apart is our commitment to quality and precision.


So, discover the ease of consolidating your manufacturing needs from one supplier. Streamline your operations, maximise efficiency, and take advantage of global supply chain security. Above all, trust Prinova to be your single-source partner, giving you unmatched value and quality for specialist end-to-end manufacturing solutions.


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Contract manufacturing solutions

Prinova is a global leader in powder and capsule contract manufacturing solutions in the sports and lifestyle nutrition industry. With our in-house capabilities, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge formulations and unparalleled manufacturing expertise to meet the diverse needs of your product.


As a result of our state-of-the-art facilities, we can also ensure scalability for your product. Being BRC Grade A, NSF, and GMP-certified, we prioritise premium quality. Together with direct access to a large on-hand ingredients inventory, we provide speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in delivering high-quality nutrition products.


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Particle technologies

Specialising in particle technologies, including micronisation, fluid bed agglomeration, encapsulation, and spray-drying, Prinova leads the way in advanced solutions for superior product improvement.


Consequently, we deliver transformative processes for premixes and blends, tablet production, ingredient bioavailability, foods, and pharmaceuticals. Coupled with our precision, flexibility, and scalability, we can help you unlock the benefits and possibilities of your custom formulations for the improved performance and effectiveness of your product.

Market-ready blends

Prinova always looks to accelerate product development timelines through our manufacturing solutions, positioning your brand at the front of the pack for consumer trends. In fact, our exceptional market-ready blends are created with a focus on the latest market insights, providing an unparalleled shortcut to speed up your product launches. 


Designed for ready-to-mix powder and beverage applications, our advanced market-ready blends save time and money and offer customisation options. As a result, personalised formulas can include flavour enhancers or sweetener blends, ensuring your product's sensory experience aligns with your customer’s needs.

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Nutrient premixes

As a global leader in ingredient contract manufacturing services, we offer versatile nutrient premixes customised for diverse sports and lifestyle nutrition products. Therefore, from fitness supplements and energy drinks to health and wellbeing products, we meet the exacting quality standards demanded by your consumers.


Our comprehensive premixes are designed with a range of premium ingredients, together with vitamins, amino acids, sweeteners, and proteins. Trust Prinova for exceptionally high-quality premixes that ensure your products stand out in the dynamic sports and lifestyle market.

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Flavour production

When it comes to flavour production, Prinova offers fast and flexible manufacturing solutions for distinctive taste experiences. Firstly, our flavours division is in tune with the latest flavour insights. Secondly, they can provide an extensive library of off-the-shelf flavours and complete flavour systems for products that hit the latest trends.


Additionally, as a leader in ingredient distribution and nutritional solutions, our expert team of flavourists and application specialists can craft signature flavours to your specifications, optimising taste and texture. Overcoming any flavour challenges, Prinova combines agility and service with the scale you need from one of the world's largest providers.

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Essential oil production

As a leading global manufacturer and distributor, Prinova is a key player in offering a diverse range of premium essential oils. Specifically, we provide unparalleled supply chain security and advance the development of superior products across various applications. Of course, that can include flavours, fragrances, aromatherapy, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. 


While our broad portfolio includes pure, all-natural essential oils, both conventional and organic, we also offer the flexibility of creating bespoke blends to meet your exact specifications. Together with industry-leading market expertise, Prinova provides reliable access to a robust supply chain, global inventories, and real-time insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions in the dynamic flavour and fragrance markets.

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Manufacturing solution case studies

Read our case studies for insight and background into how our manufacturing solutions have helped other businesses and products. While they help to understand the impact of our capabilities, they also demonstrate how Prinova delivers high-quality innovation and performance in various applications and industries.

Other Prinova services

Alongside our specialised ingredient manufacturing solutions, as your single-source partner, Prinova gives you the expertise, experience, and support you need to deliver your product effectively and efficiently, ready for the retail market.

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