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Vitamin intake is essential to overall human and animal health and well-being. As a leading global food-grade vitamin supplier, Prinova can provide vitamins, derivatives, and vitamin blends for a range of applications. With a comprehensive inventory and reliable supply of food-grade single vitamins and high-quality micronutrients, we’re confident we can supply what you need for your product when you need it.


As an illustration of our strong market position, partnering with us means you’ll be in an enviable position to reduce your exposure to global supply chain volatility. You can build certainty and stability in your business by taking advantage of our fixed-price and long-term contracts, diverse network of key suppliers, and long-standing producer relationships.


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Explore Prinova’s supply of vitamins by functionality

With a commitment to delivering optimal nutrition, Prinova offers a supply of high-quality vitamins and derivatives suited to different functions, from directly compressible to water and oil-soluble, ensuring efficient vitamin absorption however you need it. 

Water-soluble vitamins and derivatives

Our water-soluble ascorbic acid and B vitamins and their derivatives are perfect for formulating premium human and animal nutrition products with benefits for physical well-being and energy. As a leading water-soluble vitamins supplier, we have options for a wide range of applications, including supplements, fortified food and beverage products, personal care, pet food, and many more.

Oil-soluble vitamins

As a comprehensive oil-soluble vitamins supplier, we include all vitamins in the A, D, E, and K series. While our customised vitamin dilutions and spray-dried powders are produced in Europe and the US alongside infant-grade and nanoparticle-free options, we also stock a range of oil-soluble sources, grades, concentrations, and packaging options. Additionally, our specialist product development team can customise our ingredient blends to suit your needs.

Directly compressible vitamins

Look no further than our directly compressible vitamins and derivatives for superior performance in a range of dietary supplement tablets. With hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and starch-based options available, these pre-granulated nutrients deliver both quality and functionality.

Explore Prinova’s supply of vitamins by type

As a global vitamin supplier, Prinova offers a wide range of vitamins and derivatives that support health and well-being. Perfect for formulating premium vitamin blends for food, beverage, supplements, and personal care products across various applications.

The human body relies on vitamin A for several functions, including eye health and night vision. It also supports immunity, helps normal growth and development, and is associated with maintaining good reproductive health. Therefore, our high-potency, oil-soluble vitamin A powders are an essential ingredient, available in palmitate and acetate forms, with options for food, beverage and supplement applications. 

B vitamins significantly impact energy levels, cell metabolism, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Because Prinova is a global bulk vitamin supplier, we have access to a wide-ranging vitamin B selection. This selection includes vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin/nicotinamide), B5 (calcium pantothenate and panthenol), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamins) for a full range of applications, including supplements, fortified foods and beverages, personal care, and pet food, alongside directly compressible B vitamins available for tablet production.  

Praised for supporting bone health, vitamin D has a fast-growing reputation for being essential to general health, well-being, and immunity. While difficult to obtain through diet, vitamin D food supplementation and fortification are highly effective ways to ensure the body has sufficient and optimal levels. Produced in Europe and the US, our oil-soluble D vitamins are nano-particle free yet free-flowing and highly dispersible. We also supply vegan-friendly vitamin D2 from ergocalciferol and vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol, both available in oil and powder forms.

An excellent antioxidant, Vitamin E is great for maintaining healthy skin and eyes and the healthy ageing category. It also protects cells, tissues, and organs from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which are linked to heart disease and inflammation. Prinova offers a supply of premium oil-soluble E vitamins and derivative options, including synthetic, natural, and 50 percent vitamin E oil. Oil and powder forms are available in food, beverages, supplements, and personal care products.

Immunity, cardiovascular well-being, skin, bone, teeth, and gum health are just some of the health benefits where Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. As the globally leading ascorbic acid supplier, including derivatives such as calcium ascorbate and sodium ascorbate, Prinova offers one of the world’s largest inventories, with various mesh sizes and directly compressible options available. Thanks to our supply chain security and quality consistency, you can confidently buy from us.

Prinova quality, compliance, and safety

Without reservation, Prinova ensures the highest standards across our entire range of vitamins and derivatives. As bulk vitamin suppliers, meeting the quality, compliance, and safety standards for every ingredient is essential, and we ensure the ingredients in our supply chain meet these standards for all our customers.


Alongside these standards, we’re committed to the traceability and transparency of every custom vitamin blend we help to develop. Strict quality control management across our BRC and HACCP-approved facilities means we meet the compliance and safety standards you expect for your custom blend or solution at every level.

Supply chain security

Together with our trading experience, global reach, and strong supplier relationships, we can source over 2,000 ingredients at any time, optimising the flow of every component you need. What’s more, transparent documentation and traceability at every stage means our supply chain is both effective and efficient, helping you stay ahead of your competition.


With this in mind, our easy access to premium vitamins, derivatives, and ingredients supply worldwide makes Prinova your perfect partner.

Prinova’s product development services

While we stock the widest selection of food-grade single vitamins and vitamin blends available, our product development team can help customise your nutritional food, beverage, and supplement products and take them to the next level.

Custom premixes and market-ready blends

We offer custom vitamin blends and premixes that perfectly complement your production processes. Our experts will help you to minimise overages, ensure content uniformity, and maximise potency in your finished product. Whether you’re looking to improve your product's performance, mouthfeel, or solubility, we can help you.

Staple food fortification

Fortifying staple foods like flour and cooking oils can significantly benefit populations in the developing world at risk of micronutrient deficiencies. With us as your partner in food fortification, you can be sure your formulations will be nutrient-rich, stable, and cost-effective. Prinova supports the vision of the Food Fortification Initiative and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition while supplying the World Food Programme and other development organisations.

Vitamin product development

Our product development team specialises in incorporating the vitamins and derivatives you need into ready-to-mix (RTM) powders, beverages, capsules, tablets, gummies, and food applications. When you partner with us, you’ll have complete control of each product development phase. As such, your product will go from concept to completion and get to market faster.